Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I decided that to feel more organized, I would put together a master checklist for what should be done each month as we lead up to the wedding. Now, mind you - I recognize that we still have over a year until our wedding - 388 days to be exact - but it never hurts to be organized early. Though Gene may disagree with me...it is probably hurting him. :)

I began with checking the Knot and Brides.com for their take on what should be done at this point. The Knot says I should start getting in shape (check!) but doesn't tell me to do anything else until I hit the 9-11 month mark. Brides.com says I should create a budget, start thinking guest list and narrowing down venues. Well, Brides.com, I have got you beat! Not only do I have a guest list, I've got a budget, reception site, and ceremony site all booked! Take that. My next step will be to create a month-by-month checklist, but I won't bore you with that now. (Oh, but plan on being bored with it in the future! HA!)

While it isn't on any of the lists I saw, I am also starting to think about what I'll be DIYing (do it yourself) for the wedding. I saw detailed instructions on a website for making your own invitations, but they raised a good point - if you're not already a crafty kind of person (aka you have all the tools - paper cutters, scoring utensils, etc. - I'm not even sure what you call some of this stuff!), it's probably not cost-effective to make your own invitations. Plus, I've decided that I'm WAY too type-A to let any invitation go out that wasn't perfect, and I can already imagine the headaches that would cause. So I'll probably stick to simpler things, like making a card box (I've seen cute ones that look like cakes!), calligraphy (benefits of great handwriting plus I've been wanting to brush up on my actual calligraphy), and maybe making my own veil. I'll share on this here blog how these projects come out, and anything else I take on!

Here's today's inspiration...bridesmaid dresses? These are a true find in a shop in West Roxbury...in case you can't see it, the bodice is beaded with rainbow stones!! Oh yeah.

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