Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sneak peek!

Here's a sneak peek from our soon to be published website - a refresher on how Gene and I met! (And no, there is no such thing as too much presence on the internet! Nothing wrong with a blog AND a separate wedding website!).

The Meeting - October 5, 2007.

So where did we meet? Where else? A bar! And not just any old bar, we met at the Dugout, a campus dive near Boston University where Gene works. While Gene was out celebrating the end of a busy period at work with coworkers, I was out with a big group of girlfriends watching the Red Sox in the playoffs. We were a group serious about our baseball, and our beer! Gene bravely approached the group and soon enough, we had hit it off. (Plus, Gene liked that I was drinking Stella Artois beer that night - lucky for me it wasn't a Bud Light night!). About a week later, we went out on our first date - dinner in Boston's North End (for some tasty Italian food!), a leisurely stroll through the Boston Common and Public Gardens, and we ended our night at a dessert restaurant called Finale (because chocolate is a food group!).

For our negative-versary, pre-wedding-versary - whatever you want to call it - on the date that is a full year before the wedding (which is just over two weeks away!), we've decided to go on our first date again. It should be fun - and I am especially looking forward to Finale!

In other ideas...incorporating a pet into a wedding has always been a popular idea. Even though Ashes looks pretty spiffy in a bow tie...I think he'll stay at home for the big day!

I will cut you in your sleep.

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  1. AWWW!!! That caption is perfect for the Ashes pic!! He looked adorable!! But if his looks could kill.... *LOL*
    I love your blog - it's so you! I laughed so hard at one part I nearly spewed the Diet Coke I was drinking out my nose! (which would not have been pretty for multiple reasons!)
    Can't wait to talk with you soon! I miss you!!
    Hugs to you, Gene & Ashes from all of us in far, far away Ohio! ;)