Friday, April 29, 2011

Ok, a Little Live Blogging...

7:04 am (EST): And the procession out is starting! Clergy, and now trumpets - and then the Prince and Princess!! I would love to see Kate's shoes, but no glimpse yet.  And here is the curtsy! And they are on their way out!

7:00 am (EST): and cuts of the carriage outside awaiting the Prince and Princess!! I love the chairs that the Queen and Philip are sitting in.  There are lions at the ends of the arm rests!! Ok, Princesses Bea and Eugenie - your outfits are awful.  And Bea - your HAT!! What is that? Designed by Dr. Seuss??

6:55 am (EST): And Matt Lauer is BACK! I liked how they kept quiet during the ceremony.  Okay, they are off signing the register in the Shrine of Edward the Confessor, the only king who was made a saint.  You have got to love the history - he was king in 1066.

6:52 am (EST): Question answered - no, the Queen does not sing along to "God Save the Queen."  The Middletons are looking a bit stiff!! And Pippa goes to give Kate her bouquet back? Aww, big smiles.  I like the drape neck on Pippa's dress a lot.  Oh, this is the signing of the official wedding register (per the official program!)

6:49 am (EST): I like how they keep cutting to Elton John during songs.  Do you think he sings louder or more quietly? How about the people around him - do you think anyone was like, today is the day that Elton shall discover ME!!

6:40 am (EST): a sermon in very dramatic voice, and some more singing.  Oh, and I've found the Royal Program.  And Kate and Wills are up at the altar again.  Prayers up next, some more hymns, a blessing, another hymn - and then we're done! Ooh, a cute little soloist.

6:27 am (EST): For a minute there, I thought all the choir boys were required to have the same haircut and little glasses.  Haha.  Uh oh, one of the grown up choir boys - wait, a bunch of them have bow ties, and others do not have any tie at all.  What's that about? Consistency, gentlemen! This is a ROYAL WEDDING!! I think bow ties all around would be appropriate.

6:25 am (EST): And Kate's brother does his reading.  This might be my cue for a breakfast break.

6:20 am (EST): I like this Church of England ceremony where you are married immediately and then they go on to other parts of the ceremony.  And I especially enjoy the cheering from outside!! I am loooving Kate's dress.  But I've always been a fan of relatively simple dresses with adornment around the bottom of the skirt anyway.  And they are clearing the first set of kneelers!

6:18 am (EST): And I am blinded by the sun coming in as they finish their vows and William gives Kate her ring.  Looks like relatively plain gold...interesting.

6:15 am (EST): Aww, Wills said "I will!" Kate said, "I will!" Is that it?? Cheering from outside.  Oh, and finally Kate's dad hands her over.  But he's still up there...and now Wills is doing his vows.  And now Kate!

6:14 am (EST): How long is Kate's dad going to stand up there? Why does it seem that the officiant's words are not matching up with his lips? Again, thanks NBC.

6:11 am (EST): Kate's veil is up! Thanks NBC for not showing that.  Her tiara is gorgeous!! So sparkly.  I love how everyone is just mouthing whatever words they feel like to this song.

6:08 am (EST): And they've reached the altar and are having a nice chat while the choir finishes up.  Love the trumpets.  Again, might need some of those in a year for myself.

6:07 am (EST): Aww, Harry just peeked at Kate coming down the aisle, smiled, and said something to Wills.

6:04 am (EST): Harry and Williams are proceeding up to the altar where the ceremony will take place.  Ok, finally understanding the layout! And still loving the trees.  Wow, is this going to be a long walk for Kate!! All smiles.  I seriously love the lace sleeves, with buttons down the wrist.

6:00 am (EST): Oh, she has the engagement ring on her right hand!! And she's coming out...and there's Pippa...and the dress and veil are goooorgeous.  Sarah Burton designed the dress and it is absolutely stunning.  Beautiful train, and I love the embellishments at the bottom of her dress.  And the veil matches with embellishments!! So pretty.  But seriously, that's her bouquet?

5:58 am (EST): I feel like Kate is holding a tiny imitation bouquet of what will be awaiting her at Westminster in much bigger form.  I love that she's waving to everyone - she's a happy bride!

5:56 am (EST): Cancel that - Pippa's dress is great!! Aww, two flower girls who are only 3 years old.  That should be entertaining during the long ceremony.

5:53 am (EST): Matt Lauer couldn't resist "'Waity Katie' waits no more!"  Kate is looking beautiful!! I like that she is keeping her hair down to look like herself.  Lots of lace.  Can't wait to get a fuller view of the tiara!!

5:50 am (EST): Yes, we know everything is on schedule.  That's how Royals do it!! And a qujick glimpse of Kate's dress as she gets in the, we're seeing nothing.  Other than a photographer wearing something SERIOUSLY hideous.  Hair looks down -and lace sleeves! Love it so far!!

5:47 am (EST): The flower girls/bridesmaids are totally adorable.  Hopefully Kate's dress is more modern than these dresses.  This is reminding me that a lot of other people wear white to weddings! Also, Pippa seems to be in a rather boring dress - from what I can see so far!

5:43 am (EST): Just saw some of the bridesmaids at the Goring Hotel.  Looks like they stuck with traditional pouffy white dresses!! And I'm seeing Camilla - her suit seems to fade from champagne to pink or another color.  Don't like it.  Plus, who wears WHITE to a wedding? Looks white on my TV at least, though NBC is telling me it's champagne.  Apparently Jimmy Choos are the order of the day too.

5:42 am (EST): The Queen!! Love the canary yellow suit.  Wow, she's 85 and Philip is 90!! Good for them.

5:41 am (EST): Andrew's girls are cute, but one one who looks most like Fergie has the most awful hat imaginable.

5:39 am (EST): Sorry NBC, not sure I'd count Charles and Camilla among those having a "great love story."  It's rather sad that they've been in love for 40 years yet both married other people.  :(

5:36 am (EST): Charles and Camilla are en route! Oh, just saw a girl who looked like Kate (and the actress in the Lifetime movie) coming in with one of the crowds off a bus.  And it's light outside!! Yay.

5:34 am (EST): Still not quite understanding the layout of the Abbey for the wedding.  Are the seated people going to see any of the wedding? Looks like the choir area is in the way...we shall see!! I need a bride in there to have a better understanding of how this is all going to work.

5:32 am (EST): Love Carol Middleton's long jacket with her dress.  And that color is fantastic! Kate's brother's not so bad either...

5:27 am (EST): There's definitely a lack of new information on the coverage.  Yes, we know that Will and Kate dated off and on for almost 10 years.  Yes, we know they lived together.  Haha, these poor correspondents stuck on part of the route and just getting to watch glimpses of people in cars - sucks to be you!

5:25 am (EST): Just saw Kate's mom.  Love the light blue color of her dress and of course, her hat.

5:19 am (EST): Harry's uniform has a lot of gold braiding.  Wonder what that signifies? Also, the officer outside had a fun hat that reminded me of Napoleon in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure! And HATS OFF, Gentlemen!! Looks like Harry's got the hair loss thing starting as well.  You're both still cute to me, boys!  WOW, the overhead view of Wills is really bad.  He's going to be bald soon enough!! Haha, on NBC they just mentioned that Harry teases Wills about how he has more hair.  Not for long, Harry!! You've got the patch too!

5:16 am (EST): Would it be too early for Wills and Harry to indulge in some beer and cigars before the wedding? (Note to Gene: no cigars BEFORE the wedding! Stinky!)

5:14 am (EST): Some of these crowds have been waiting out here for DAYS! Can you believe that? Just to catch a glimpse of cars like this.  Hopefully the open carriage that will take Wills and Kate to Buckingham Palace will provide a better view for these people.  But loving the cheering!!

5:13 am (EST): First glimpse!! Wills is rocking the red jacket!! Love it.  And that car is fantastic.

5:10 am (EST): Ooh, Wills and Harry are about to leave Clarence House to head over to Westminster.  E! has what sounds like clown car elevator music playing softly in the background to commentary by Giuliana.

5:08 am (EST): First Diet Coke of the day! Yum.  Long shot of Earl Spencer and his wife and her giant pink hat obscuring her face.  Does she know she won't be able to see the wedding with that thing on? And how do you think everyone sitting behind these hats actually sees anything? Still - as a Cinco de Mayo bride myself, I can only encourage sombreros.

5:02 am (EST): One of the guests arriving has a broken leg is in a wheelchair.  That did not stop her from accessorizing her cast so it worked with her dress and hat!! Haha.

4:58 am (EST): Just saw a girl in the audience who looked JUST LIKE the snooty girl in the Lifetime movie "you can't marry the Prince, Kate - you're just a commoner!" Well you showed her, Kate!

4:57 am (EST): Looks rather gray and overcast in London.  Reminds me of mornings here in Boston recently!

4:55 am (EST): I hear birds outside! Ok, good - other creatures are up at this hour, even though it is still dark outside.  And why has no one shown me Chelsy Davy yet?!

4:54 am (EST): More group arrivals - who knew that Mercedes made buses??

4:52 am (EST): Another view of the interior of Westminster.  Please add giant chandeliers to my tree order.  Thx.

4:50 am (EST): And Andersoon Cooper is hosting on CNN.  What, no Kathy Griffin? Her comments alone will make this blog readable later!!

4:46 am (EST): Elton John! Rocking a fantastic vest (soft yellow) and a purple tie (color of royalty!).  Also, Posh Spice and David Beckham look great too.  Haha, as Elton walks into the Abbey, everyone already sitting down is watching him.  Or maybe the tie is pink, as E! just told me??

4:45 am (EST): Love E!'s countdown.  I may have to stay here a bit longer, as they are also taking incredibly short commercial breaks.  Now they are doing a Twitter breakdown.  Wow, are we out of material already?

4:44 am (EST): Over at the Fug Girls, they said Chelsy Davy looks like crap.  Where is she in the crowd? Come on E!, show me!!

4:43 am (EST): Oh wow, my first long glimpse of Westminster's interior.  Now I want trees at my wedding.

4:40 am (EST): I woke up on my own at 4:20 am.  That's just not right.  But I'll take advantage and head on out to our living room and turn on the TV!

CBS: looks like they're showing an old wedding as a full choir is singing.
ABC: on commercial.
NBC: views of inside Westminster, and OMG, the hats.  I want to be British because of the HATS!! And the feathers!! Looooove it.  Oh, and they're off to commercial.
E!: They're showing diplomatic cars arriving.  And more comments about who's where right now.  Wow, there is some crazy tent obscuring most of the door to the Goring Hotel - sounds like there won't be any sneak peeks of Kate's dress!
And back to NBC: Ah, they dug up another bridesmaid from Diana's wedding.  I'm not sure I'm a big fan of of the children as bridesmaids/attendants.  I like having grown ups in my bridal party!


  1. I feel like I'm watching this with you! *LMAO* I would have loved to hear all your comments - you're hilarious! I totally agree with you on the gown and the flowers - what's up with that? I (tried) to tell Tom that it looks like things they would have done without the unlimited budget, even tho they're on the unlimited budget. *LOL* Gotta love politics ;) Your wedding is going to ROCK!! Wait until I get to make captions to all my photos.. ;)
    I just saw you emailed me - SORRY I haven't responded yet!!! I shall write you back soon (when I'm not buzzing from a few vodka & Diet Cokes, k? ;) )
    Miss you lots - and love all your blog posts! I can totally picture myself starting to obsessively check for updates! ;) *LOL* Keep up the good work! ;)

  2. (just to clarify - I LOVED her gown, but thought her flowers looked non-royal-wedding-ish) :)