Friday, April 22, 2011


I am excited that the weekend is finally here, as we are going to check out our ceremony venue for Easter services. We haven't had to make any decisions as to music (other than it must all be sacred), yet, (again, not surprising as our wedding is so far away!), but the organ is supposedly quite well-known and I'm looking forward to hearing it! I'm also interested in scouting out potential wedding picture sites (ha, if you've read any of this blog so far, you know that it's NEVER too early for me to start doing things like this!).

I got a new phone today (hello, smartphone! about time I caught up!) - and so far it is super fun. The camera on it is fantastic, which just figures as I took a bunch of photos of flowers today at lunch - which the new phone will soon put to shame! Can't wait to grab pics as I'm out and about and inspired by colors and textures!

Happy weekend!

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