Sunday, April 17, 2011

What's next?

So I made my scary spreadsheet of what we should do and when (based on a variety of lists from online sites like the Knot and - and it was so big and ridiculous, I couldn't even blog for a few days! In case you were wondering, I'm shooting to post every other day - so stay tuned!

Karen, you ask, what's on the scary spreadsheet for now? Well, for right now, it simply says "get in shape." Oops. Maybe we should put that spreadsheet on our fridge door or where we keep the take-out menus, as it has not been a banner weekend for health!

But what's next for us, in this crazy wedding planning schedule? Is it too early to think about booking our photographer and our florist? Are we going to drive ourselves crazy by looking at both vendors in the same month? (Though by "we" I mean Karen and by "looking at both" I mean the many hours I'll put into searching the Knot, Wedding Bee, and Wedding Wire on vendor reviews for both categories). Also, why are photographers so darn freakin' expensive?

It seems like everywhere we turn, there is some opinion on which vendors you need to hire first, and which ones you can put off. Now I was pretty pleased with myself for thinking, hey - next month is May! We're getting married in a year, in MAY! Why don't we go hit up some florists now, so we can see what flowers are in-season in May? But then Gene was talking to some coworkers, who mentioned how far in advance they booked their photographer. This does match up with what a snooty photographer told us at the one bridal show we attended (there was free cake - SOLD!) - book as soon as you have a wedding date - the good photographers easily book a year in advance. p.s. to snooty photographers - bridal shows are the place to sell your services to brides and grooms. Most likely, every couple out there is going to hire a photographer to capture the day. Snootiness does NOT equal more business! Check the attitude, lady!

Anyway, I can say I've already started this project in reviewing recommendations my friends have given for photographers - but the pricing is so cringe-inducing!! But I know that photography is important, because that's what we'll have to look back on, once the day has come and gone. Plus, at a few friend's weddings, the photographer(s) have easily been the hardest working people there, so it does make sense that they can also be one of the most expensive vendors. Now to decide whether we like traditional posed photos, candids, an approach more like photojournalism...decisions, decisions!

On a more entertaining note - I bought a book for me and Gene. Specifically, as we're not having a Catholic ceremony and I'm still not sure if we'll have any sort of Pre-Cana activities, I bought "Don't You Dare Get Married Until You Read This! The Book of Questions for Couples," by Corey Donaldson. This book has 500 questions that are meant to help a couple work through various issues, including the ones that are squirm-worthy and things that you simply don't think of. It's been a fun if not a bit dry process so far, but some of the questions make you want to read them not only sarcastically (especially the ones that ask about your partner's personality and whether they are in fact, sarcastic), but as if they were a fortune cookie - adding "in bed" or "between the sheets" to the end of the question. It definitely makes the financial and money questions much funnier!

DIY update: I'm working on making my own cardbox courtesy of this inspiration - I'm letting my fingers heal a bit from the hot glue gun...updates to come! (Or tears, cursing, and said cardbox out in the trash. We'll see!)

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