Saturday, April 9, 2011

With just over a year until our wedding, we have had lots of discussions about which vendor to decide on next! (Or maybe I've had lots of internal dialog with myself??) It is very tempting to just take a break for a while, considering we were running around for over a month to pick our reception site. Note to future brides: do NOT look at more than 3-4 places for your reception! It just gets overwhelming and you start mixing up which place had what. Do your research online first, and make an appointment to visit only serious contenders. We must have looked at 10 places, and I was just ready to pick any place to make the process end!

So which reception site did we choose? We picked the Westin Hotel in the Boston metro area. Having our reception at a hotel was a priority for us, as all of my family is from out of state, along with a lot of friends - plus I like that I don't have to hire a caterer, or rent linens or chairs. There are also a lot of other amenities offered by the Westin that I am excited to experience on our wedding day!!

Hi Westin!! I wave at it when I drive by!

Once we had our reception site, we were ready to pick a site for the ceremony! I first visited the Marsh Chapel at Boston University when I was singing in the Brookline Chorus. It is a beautiful church - lots of stone, gorgeous wood, and stained glass windows. I can't wait to marry Gene here!! (And get some beautiful pictures on the Charles River!)

So what's next? I figure that if we're getting married in May, it will be a great month to kick off the search for a florist as we'll get an idea of what flowers are in season for our wedding. I've read a lot of horror stories online from brides who fell in love with out of season flowers - we're definitely looking for what will be in season for May (read: less expensive!), and for what will look pretty in bouquets and centerpieces!

Other thoughts: I really like plum, and was thinking that our color scheme would be along the lines of plum, lavender, and perhaps silver accents. Then I discovered on that plum/eggplant was one of the most popular colors in 2010! So perhaps all my online perusing (along with magazines) actually pushed my subconscious to purple?? Who knows. Whatever, I still like purple - and I'm clearly not alone!!

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  1. I wanted lots of bright colors to be a contrast to me in white. My bridesmaids wore purple too and I had lots of purple/red/hot pink flowers. Purple is the color of romance!