Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And the great vendor search is ON!!

We've been busy scheduling and meeting with photographers, and let me tell you - I knew photography was going to be expensive, but WOW.  It is EXPENSIVE!! Now, I realize that your photographer is likely to be the vendor that spends the most time with you, so when you break down their rate per hour they are more reasonable - but still! Never having hired a professional photographer, ever, the prices are a bit daunting.  Throw in the wedding machine's "but photos are all that you've have after your big day is over!" thinking, and you start to agree!!
Needless to say, I've been trying to focus on the bigger picture (pun intended!) - photos aren't all that we'll have.  At the end of the day, we'll be married, which is the whole point! Everything else is secondary to that, including pictures.  Though I'd still like a nice professional album - I mean, if we're spending thousands on pictures, what's a bit more to have an album full of hand-selected photos, retouched and in a gorgeous album? (It's really the price of albums that has blown me away more than anything else.  You want HOW much?!)
That said, both Gene and I have thoughts on what poses/things/places we definitely want pictures - so we'll focus on finding a photographer who we both like and have a good rapport with, and who can wrangle our wedding party into awesome photos! Oh, and someone who is budget friendly!!
So far, we've had two quotes - one is way out of our ballpark (and was over the phone), and the other was much closer to our budget, plus we met him in person in his studio.  Let me tell you - meet your photographers in person! We clicked instantly (HA! PUN!) with him and he had a fantastic presentation on a big screen, and along with flipping through some of his work, he even showed us his photography equipment.  He is definitely a strong contender for us.  But again, we discovered how expensive albums are - which bums me out.  I might have to see if we can find more money in our budget to ensure that we get an album!
In total randomness, I started thinking about cake toppers today.  In particular...



Stay tuned!!!