Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And I scheduled a meeting...

With whom? Oh, just the groom.  Haha, yes, I've taken to scheduling us meetings!! (My meeting request was met with only the briefest of eye I'm doing good!) I've dived headlong into wedding planning and doing as much research online as I can, which includes the highly entertaining task of reading lots of blogs, and sites like Weddzilla and Weddingbee.  All of these sources are helping me to get a good sense of what things I like, and what things I don't like - along with starting to feel like I need to adhere to the aptly named "Scary Spreadsheet," which is my Excel file listing out which items need to be completed each month.
As part of that, I wanted to catch up with Gene briefly on what we needed to do this month - as we're officially one YEAR away from our wedding! We reviewed April's to do's:
  • Get into shape (this will be continuing efforts by both of us over the next year - perhaps I should have put "START" first?)
  • Finalize wedding colors.  Again, this will be a work in progress as after I find my dress, and have my bridesmaids start trying on dresses.  I'm still leaning towards purple - plums and lavender.  I also like the idea of yellow accent flowers in my bouquet (yes, I think about this stuff A LOT).
  • Talk about personalizing the wedding.  We've talked about this a bit already, with possibly choosing table names that reflect our heritage (in the most general sense, I'm Irish, he's French), but we want to figure this out in greater detail so we know what we want to buy (and we can start hunting for bargains).
  • Make card box for reception.  My first DIY project! And it's almost done! I'll post pictures once it's complete.  It also draws on purple and gold for colors - so hopefully, these colors will make it into the overall look of the wedding! (If not, I'm not concerned if it doesn't match.  Because you know what? It's a card box! And by then, I'll have spent way too much time on it to NOT use it!!
The official April wrap-up: a few things still in progress, but we're in good shape.  And looking at May to do's:
  • Finalize guest list.  We're pretty sure about the numbers we have (which is about 135 people, of which we figure 100 will attend), but we also want to start getting addresses together as I'm sure this will take a while!
  • Figure out if we want to coordinate save the dates and invitations.  I'm leaning towards not coordinating, as I like the idea of a postcard save the date with fun artwork or a photo.  Am I breaching major etiquette here? I think not.  Especially as I like the more formal invites - I figure the save the dates are the place to express ourselves!
  • Research florists and schedule some meetings.  In progress!
  • Research photographers and schedule some meetings.  In progress!
I also assigned the groom some homework - to look at the websites for the florists and photographers that I've found.  We want to make sure we're on the same page in regards to style, especially with photographers! Maybe I'll also assign my blog as required reading? :)

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