Friday, May 13, 2011

As giving some background is the theme of the week (Ooh! Themes! Who doesn't love themes? I love themes.  But not so much for weddings.  No pirate wedding, Dad!), I figured I would recount our engagement story!

Arrrrrr!!! (Not gonna happen).

So, without further ado...our Engagement Story (as told by me!):

If you know me in real life or you've read through a bit of the blog, you know that the Gene and I live together.  One of the things we talked about before we moved in together was marriage, and I made it clear that I wanted to be engaged within a year or so of us living together.  I wasn't even sure that I necessarily wanted to live together before marriage, but Gene made some good arguments to do so, and I embraced the idea.  I moved into his house in August 2009, leaving apartment living behind!

Fast forwarding to May of 2010, we had had a few conversations about getting engaged and marriage, and as we're booking plane tickets for a family vacation in December 2010, I made it clear that I wanted to be engaged by the time we got on the plane.  I didn't consider it an ultimatum, simply a statement of what I wanted - besides, if after three years of dating he wasn't interested in marriage, I probably wasn't going to be interested in continuing our relationship anyway! Our conversations in May 2010 end with Gene saying something along the lines of "things are in the works, chill out."

Summer comes and goes, and we're into the fall.  Our three-year anniversary comes and goes, and all of a sudden the holidays are upon us.  We're now into early December, with packed holiday schedules as we're trying to fit a lot of stuff in before we leave for our vacation on December 16.  Gene is pretty insistent on our going out to a nice dinner before we leave for vacation, though, and mentions my favorite restaurant - and I'm convinced that this will be the night!! Just to push my luck and test my theory, I tell Gene we should go ice skating at the Boston Common before dinner - and he agrees!! This is shocking only in that every other time I've wanted to go ice skating, it's a pretty firm "no."

I'm now convinced that when we go to dinner on Tuesday, December 14, there will be a proposal! So much so, that I text and email all of my girlfriends, telling them and that I am super excited.  Later in the day, I realize what a bad move that was because what if he doesn't propose? I would look like an idiot!! 

Worries aside, we meet up to go ice skating.  And we have a great time, even though it was ridiculously cold that night - neither of us falls down and we have a lot of fun.  We then go to walk to dinner, and I'm confident that the proposal will be happening at the restaurant.  Because I'm cold, I want to hop on the subway and get there already, but Gene says no, let's just walk.  So we walk, and I'm going on about how cold I am, and whining - you know, really setting up a romantic mood for a proposal.  Gene then steers us over to a bench in the Common, sits us down, and starts fumbling in his coat pocket.  And this is where it finally hits me - he's proposing NOW!!

I was in shock for a few seconds, and then I remembered to listen to what he was saying - which were some nice things, and of course, a marriage proposal! I'm still in shock a bit, so I reply with an OK! and then correct myself, and say yes, of course I will marry you! Needless to say, we then made our way to dinner where we have a wonderful time and I pretty much stared at my sparkly ring for the rest of the night (actually, I love my ring so much that I tend to stare at it fairly often!).

And that is what started us off on this adventure! This story is even better because Gene secretly asked my parents for permission when they were visiting us over Thanksgiving - I apparently walked into the room during this hush-hush conversation and had no idea!! Love it! And love him!!