Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Little Bit More About Us

You know, I was thinking about the ol' blog, and I realized I barely posted anything about myself and the Groom!! So it's a little late...but by way of introduction...
ME: The Bride.  Originally from the great state of Michigan, I moved to Boston over 10 years ago for graduate school.  While here, I fell in love with Boston and decided to make it my permanent home once I graduated and (eek!) passed the Massachusetts Bar Exam.  Yep, I'm a lawyer.  Or as they might say here in Boston, a laaaaaw-yaaah.  I love to read, travel, and watch movies.  I'm also trying to incorporate working out/walking/running/some type of regular movement into my hobbies! Stay tuned for how that goes.
GENE: The Groom.  Gene was born in California, but raised in Boston, and seems to only have a Boston accent on certain words.  It's adorable, trust me!! He moved back to California for his senior year of high school, which means that his grandfather, father, and he all graduated from the same high school.  He came back to Boston for college and some figuring out what he wanted to do with his life, and he ended up working in computers.  Gene enjoys working on computers, fixing up our house, and generally being awesome.

US: When we got engaged in December 2010, we'd been dating for just over three years.  We've been living together for almost two years - and it's been an experience, fixing up a house which hadn't had much TLC before we came along.  

Not much else to report on other than due to a deal on Vistaprint, we ordered our Save the Dates last night! Very exciting to cross this off my list.  And also, if you need any sort of printed materials, sign up at Vistaprint and just WAIT for the item to be FREE!! That's how we ordered our Save the Dates! I will be sure to blog all about them once they come in, and are ready to be sent out (which we will do about 10 months in advance, as all of my family is from out of state).