Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mid-May Check-In

I figured as the middle of May has arrived, it'd be a good time to consult Scary Spreadsheet, and see how we're doing on the ginormous "To Do" list:

  • Finalizing our guest list.  I think my side is good, but Gene said he has more tweaking to do.
  • Figure out if we want to coordinate our Save the Dates and our invitations.  Well, considering we couldn't be bothered to already be thinking about invites, we went with not coordinating them.
  • Order Save the Dates.  DONE! And received.  See previous post!
  • Research florists.  I've done my homework...but Gene said something about the cat eating his?? In progress.
  • Research photographers.  Same as florists.  In progress!
  • Finalize personalization.  Let's be honest, this is going to be a work in progress.  But I'm not ruling out "exploratory" trips to Michael's, Christmas Tree Shops or AC Moore to look at stuff and see if it has a wedding use!
  • Start registering.  Yeah, we've tabled this as it's a little early to be doing this.
As I mentioned, I've scouted out a number of florists and photographers who I'll be contacting over the next week or so, and hopefully we'll have some meetings and have both vendors squared away by the end of the month (or by early June!).

Dress shopping - I am very, very excited to start dress shopping in two weeks!! My sister is coming up from NYC and joining Bridesmaid Ashlee as we go on the quest for the perfect dress.  We're starting at an Alfred Angelo boutique, and then hitting up David's to try on every shape and style of dress imaginable.  While the Alfred Angelo boutique was fantastic on the phone, I'm already convinced our David's experience will be awful.  The woman told me how busy they are on weekends (duh, I just explained I have an out-of-town sister coming with me!) and how the consultant will probably be working with multiple brides, and generally, not to expect much.  Thanks David's, for setting me up with such wonderful expectations! NOT! It's alright, though, as I have no plans to buy from David's - I just want to try on a bunch of different styles and see what I like.  I've purchased many a bridesmaid dress through David's which have never failed to be falling apart by the end of the day - they truly manufacture one day wear dresses!! I certainly wouldn't chance them for a bridal gown!! And then the next weekend, I'm excited to visit the salon where Ashlee bought her bridal gown.

HA! I plan on staying far, far away from dresses like this (and no, this is NOT Ashlee nor her dress!)

And reading list!! I'm a big reader, so it figured that once I got engaged, I started buying books about wedding planning, about being the bride, about how to save money in wedding planning - you name it, I've probably read it (or it's on my "to read" list!)

My favorite is definitely this one - I got it out of the library to start, and then found myself sticking post-its in half the book and decided to just buy my own copy.  

I also like this one that my sister bought for me - lots of humor which is definitely needed during this process!

I also read a book on the craziness that is weddings these days - One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding, by Rebecca Mead.  And another book I liked was Emotionally Engaged, by Allison Moir-Smith, which reassured me that being engaged isn't all happy all the time! Getting married is a big deal and it's normal to have big feelings about it.  Aside from the roller coaster of feelings that planning the wedding brings!
Even though he's not a huge reader, I decided to buy Gene a book too! Hey, I'm not the only one who should be doing all the work, right?

He has decided that I'm brainwashing him, and that the author's name is simply a nom de plume for a woman.  He told me how the first 10 pages are all about how he needs to support the bride, how it's all about her, and nothing about the poor groom! Oops.  Sorry sweetie, I just randomly picked it!! I clearly should have picked something with a little more humor, and a little less "the bride is way more important than you! You're arm candy!"