Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal Wrap Up

I watched, I blogged, I loved!! Seriously, I loved everything about the Royal Wedding.  Even if my comments about the hats has pretty much guaranteed a family sombrero photo when I get married next year…still worth it!

They’re so gorgeous!

Newly wed: Prince William and his new wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, wave as they travel in the 1902 State Landau carriage along the Processional Route to Buckingham Palace

I also debated whether lace sleeves would become the next big trend here…I’m doubtful.  Strapless gowns have been the rage for so long – and I feel like lace is just not as popular – I can’t see a lot of lace sleeves happening.  Though time will tell!! I did love Kate’s shrug with her second dress – I may have to get myself something just like that!

I spent my weekend in NYC visiting my MOH/sister, and having an all around good time.  We had a fantastic weekend – and I’m realizing now it may be one of the last wedding-free weekends!! We did not do one thing wedding-related, but the next time she visits me in June is the official kickoff weekend for my dress shopping…and I’m sure things will just snowball from there.

Up for this week: I’ve assigned my groom some homework on reviewing various photographers and florist websites – with luck, by the end of May we’ll have crossed off both of these vendors from our list! Also, I may finally work up the motivation to finish my first (ha, and possibly only!) DIY project.  We'll see!!

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