Saturday, May 21, 2011


Happy weekend! I am very happy to report that since I’ve been blogging, I’ve lost 7 pounds! Yay!! I’ve been doing great on Weight Watchers this month, and I’m super excited that the program finally is clicking for me.  Plus, I’ve committed myself to going back to the gym and it is definitely showing! I am even more excited to go wedding dress shopping now! (t-minus 2 weeks!)

I’ve discovered the more I look at wedding websites and blogs and the more “stuff” I see, I really have to fight and convince myself that I do not NEED all that stuff.  For example, bunting:

(I've seen it used to say "love" on the bride and groom's table; "thank you" at the gift table...etc.) 

Or bride and groom signs for our chairs at the reception:

(pretty sure people will know who we're supposed to be...)

Or personalized napkins:

One, because we do not have a budget for any of these things.  Two, because I am not a crafty or artsy person.  Three, because I really don’t want to have to haul these types of things over to our venue during the week before the wedding (and then haul them back afterwards).  Or God forbid, have to deal with this stuff on the day of the wedding.  No thank you! Trying to keep things simple (read: elegant) is a tough job!

And to keep this post simple - here are the colors I’ve tentatively settled on (until we have purchased bridesmaid dresses and finalized flowers, let’s be honest – colors will be in flux!)