Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And I'm back to talking about shoes!!  It seems that all of the wedding blogs I’ve been reading are talking about shoes right now! Maybe that’s why I’ve been inspired to talk shoes? Or maybe because I look for ANY excuse to shoe-shop?? (A Day in the Life of a Bride; Brooklyn Bride) ok so only two blogs, but still.  I’ve got shoes on the BRAIN! Shout out to my friend Maggie who also pointed out there's a large bridal shoe store in the area that has tons of dye-able styles - so if I don't find a "naturally" purple shoe, I can always have them dyed to match the bridesmaid's dresses (still to be selected) or perhaps whatever shade I decide I want!

Product Image
(Yes, another gratuitous shoe picture.  If only you came in a sassy purple!) 

With July happening at the end of this week (and t-minus 10 months approaching FAST!), I figured it was about time for a check-in with the Scary Spreadsheet! (note: when I first opened the spreadsheet, it was on Jan. 2012 and I was like, wait! How is it time to do THOSE things already?!)

Believe it or not, the 4th of July is just around the corner!!

Stuff we're carrying over from previous months:
  • Personalization of the ceremony & reception details - this will be a work in progress up until the wedding, I think.  This applies to favors, table numbers, table cards, you name it!
  • Wedding website - the goal is to get the official website up by the end of July, as we'll send out our Save the Dates in August and need to have the website done by then!
Stuff we're looking to accomplish by the end of July:
  • Research and hire our DJ.  I already have a number of recommendations from friends so I think it'll just be a matter of a few phone calls and getting some estimates.  I'm not sure we'd need to "meet" with a DJ like we wanted to meet with photographers and florists...especially if we've already seen him before at a friend's wedding!
  • Register! I'm excited to start registering.  Though with our wedding still 10 months away, registries are probably going to need constant updating as seasons change and things go out of stock/are no longer offered.  I think I'm up for the challenge!
  • The Great Address Search is on! I've got to get a lot of addresses from friends and families if I'm going to send out the Save the Dates in early August! (hint: if you're a friend or family and you've moved recently maybe you make this process easier if you're reading this, and shoot me an email?)
  • Get a firmer sense of where we want to go for a honeymoon.  We've been accumulating Starwood points left and right so a Starwood property will likely figure into this...but we're always looking for suggestions!!

    Other accomplishments we're shooting for in July: continue using our little grill, get some tans/sunburns, and keep using our time appropriately while waiting for said grill to heat up by making SMORES [well, toasted marshmallows, sans graham cracker and chocolate)!!! (Have I told you lately that I am marrying the BEST guy ever?! And yes, marshmallows are the perfect appetizer to any meal!). 

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  1. I'm loving those silver shoes!! Simply gorgeous. Good luck with your to-do lists this month, I will be working on some of my tasks over this long weekend!