Monday, June 20, 2011

As I was thinking of things to post about, I saw this video on one of the blogs I follow - Saying I Do had this up on her site, and I just HAD to put it on mine as well!! I love this idea!!

This is almost a reason to hire a videographer (if you haven't checked out the state of wedding videos today, you're missing out.  They look a lot more Hollywood than grainy camcorder!).  Of course our day is already going to be busy - plus, we would NEVER be able to agree on a song to do! I'm more Black Eyed Peas/Britney and he's more Rush/Mr. Big.  See what I'm getting at??

So you might have been wondering how we're doing on our florist search - ha, or you might not have been wondering at all, but I'm going to blog about it anyway! I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but in terms of priorities, flowers are kind of low on our list.  Yes, we want pretty centerpieces and I want a pretty bouquet, but that’s about where it starts and ends for us.  There aren’t any kinds of flowers that I must have or I’ll die; I just want flowers that coordinate well with our décor and dresses – and preferably staying away from lilies, which I’ve never been a big fan of.  On that note, we received our second estimate from the other florist we met with, and WOW. 

Just like we got a range of prices from photographers, so it goes with florists!! It looks like we’ll be going with florist #1, who asked us tons of questions about the wedding day details, and who comes in under budget! If we went with florist #2 we’d be breaking our budget and then some (and paying more for our flowers than we did for our photographer!) While we’ve only talked to two vendors, I think we’re done – like I said, florist #1 was so great and both Gene and I got a good feeling from him – plus, we can’t mess with the one and only estimate we’ve gotten that is UNDER budget!

Other things currently occupying my time – since I’ve picked out my dress, I’ve been on the hunt for shoes and a veil! (Nope, it's NEVER too early!) I saw some of the prices on the veils at the salon where I bought my dress, and no thank you! I am not paying $250.00 (or more) for something I’m only wearing for about an hour.  Luckily, the Internet has come to the rescue! And the same goes for shoes, though on it does not seem to be a good time of year for the cute wedding shoes I love! At least 5 or 6 pairs of different shoes that I love are not currently available.  Boo.

Product Image

And speaking of the dress, I’ve been let in on what seems to be a bit of a secret about Casablanca dresses (which is the brand of my dress)! A friend of mine had a Casablanca dress and her salon measured her height as well – apparently Casablanca makes your dress to your height! Considering there is beading on my dress near the hem this would be awesome, as I can’t wear 4 inch heels for 5 minutes, let alone 5 hours (those lovelies up there are 3 inches - way more do-able!).  And wouldn’t you know my salon didn’t say anything about this? I’ve done some more research and it turns out this is called either “hem to hollow” or “hollow to hem,” and the guess is that the salons would rather make the money on alterations than order the dress in the correct height.  Well, my salon can either order my dress like this (I found my dress and put down the deposit, but we’re not finalizing my measurements until August), or I will take my alterations business elsewhere!!

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  1. yay! thanks for the shout-out! I LOVE casablanca dresses, glad that so much is coming together for you!