Friday, June 3, 2011


I am so excited, because tomorrow I am finally going dress shopping!!! YAY!! Now, a lot of friends were surprised that I'd put off shopping - I did get engaged in December.  But I'm glad I did, as I am almost 20 pounds lighter than I was in December, and that increase in confidence alone I think will make a huge difference in trying on dresses.
I've been looking forward to Saturday all week!! You'd think I'm going on vacation or something! Nope, just headed to two local chain stores to try on BRIDAL GOWNS, with one of my best friends and my sister (who also fits into the best friend category!).  Really.  I am excited.  And the feeling persists even though when I made my appointment with David's Bridal, they pretty much told me because I was making an appointment on a Saturday, my experience was going to suck.  Nope! Not gonna happen!! If my consultant is helping other brides, there is nothing to stop my ladies from grabbing dresses for me and helpng me into them!! Yaaaaay!!!
And it probably doesn't hurt that we're topping off the weekend with the NKOTBSB concert at the Boston Banknorth Garden! (formerly the Fleet Center, formerly just "the Garden").  Here's hoping Joey McIntyre is still just as cute as when I last saw him in concert 20 years ago!!