Friday, June 10, 2011


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Next up on the vendor calendar is meeting with two florists! It's kind of funny how my perceptions of wedding flowers have changed now that I'm a bride (along with footing the bill!).  Something I'd always imagined was getting married in a gorgeous church (CHECK!) surrounded by flowers! Flowers on the pews, flowers lining the altar - you name it, if it was stationary at the church, I'd imagined flowers on it! 

Fast forwarding to reality, the cost of flowers is definitely putting a dent in that fantasy! While I like to think I've given myself a decent budget for flowers, the reality is that wherever we can come in under budget, we'd like to, and so I'm now embracing less is more.  For example, the church we're getting married at is, in fact, gorgeous! It really doesn't need any more adornment.  Our photographer sent us pictures of a wedding he had shot there, and I didn't even NOTICE their flowers at the church until I really forced myself to look for them.  That alone (plus our ceremony won't be more than 30 minutes) makes me think that flowers at the church are just not worth the expense.

Something I do love at weddings (which takes me to the opposite end of that thought - flowers are totally worth the expense!) is how every bride manages to personalize her wedding through her flower selections.  That's something I'm definitely shooting for, but with an emphasis on the budget.  I've always loved roses, daisies, tulips, daffodils, sunflowers - I associate all these kinds of flowers with happiness.  (So let's see - probably purples, pinks, with a touch of yellow to highlight?)  So other than knowing that I'd definitely like to incorporate roses into our flowers, I'm leaving the options open and to the pros - I like that I'm not wedded (ha!) to any particular look - I love all of these!! (courtesy of yet another inspiration board at stylemepretty!)

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  1. Good luck on meeting with your florists...I am going to meet with some next week. I am nervous because I still need to research flowers...:-)I love the white purple and yellow combos though