Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June Check-in!

As we're already into June (I started blogging two months ago already! I can't believe it - time is flying by!), it's probably time to check out what the Scary Spreadsheet says for June.  Staying on top of this list has been a challenge, but I think we continue to be ahead of the curve so while just looking at the spreadsheet can freak me out some days, for the most part I've been glad to have it.

June looks like this:
  • Start shopping for wedding dress.  Check!
  • Hire florist.  Actually, we decided to focus on finding our photographer first - but I've set up meetings with two florists in the next week so we may get this done by the end of the month!
  • Videographer? Check, we're not going to spring for a videographer.
  • Get wedding website online.  Still under construction, we're actually shooting to get the official site up by the time we send out the save the dates in August.
And we've already crossed off the first item in July - hire photographer! Go us!

Also, have you checked out the newest reality bridal show offering? My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC...seriously, it is awesome!! Not only do they tell you more about the "previously unknown culture" of gypies and Irish travellers, you see what they WEAR - where the emphasis at weddings is the biggest dress is best.  These girls can barely walk in these gowns, and apparently there is so much metal and wire supporting the dresses, that it cuts into the girls and bruises and cuts are supposed to be a good thing!! From wearing the DRESS!!! I think my favorite was the dress with lights and butterflies on it that actually moved; the dressmaker was so concerned about the wiring, though, she attended the wedding and held onto a fire extinguisher "just in case."

I'd be way more curious to follow up with these girls 3 or 5 years from now - apparently in the culture, women stay at home while the men work, and often living conditions are less than ideal as they are constantly on the move and living in RVs (or being evicted by local authorities who don't want them in the area).  I really wonder what kind of life that must be like!