Saturday, June 25, 2011

The other day, a friend of mine posted this article on my Facebook page, talking about men becoming "groomzillas" and wanting to get involved in wedding planning.  Seriously, this is news?! The groom goes to register for gifts with the bride! He's interested in the venue! He goes to appointments with the florist!

Yes, I drew this myself.  I know, you're impressed!!
Why is this strange? Or even considered "groomzilla" behavior? Especially as we move away from the days where parents paid for everything, the groom should be just as involved as the bride - he's likely footing just as much of the bill as she is, and I would imagine wants to know what all this money is going to pay for!! Plus, my family is all out of state and I can't imagine dragging my one bridesmaid who lives near me to vendor appointments - so the groom comes along.  So far it's worked out for us - plus, it's fun to see his perspective on things like flowers.  Just like in our marriage (and in our current relationship), we tackle things together - so go TEAM!!
In more news of togetherness, Gene and I joined a gym together! While I was doing well with my workouts after work, I was interested in joining a gym closer to home (especially as my old gym was close to my old job - and not my new!).  And Gene decided to jump on the Buff Bride train with me (note: I just spent 5 minutes in Word with the thesaurus looking for a "G" word that would work with groom that would indicate fitness, strength, etc. and came up with nothing!) (note to Kathy: BUFF!) So now at the crack of dawn, we're dragging ourselves to the gym.  And once I get over the fact that I now want to pass out at 9 pm, I'm actually really liking the fact that by the time I get into work, I've already crossed working out off on my list for the day! Yay us!

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