Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Seven Months Ago Today...

Gene proposed! And I said yes.  I cannot believe we've already been engaged for 7 months!! Time has really flown by, and I suspect that trend will continue right up until the wedding day.  Which is just a short ten and a half, ten and three quarter months away!
As you may remember from my last posts, we've been meeting with florists.  I am learning so many things about flowers for weddings! Who knew that the florist wants to see your dress, to better coordinate your bouquet with it! Same for the bridesmaid dresses, to get a sense of the exact color and texture of the fabric.  I am loving these small details - including that the florist we met yesterday asks for extra scraps of the wedding dress (left over from alterations) to wrap my flowers in, and the groom's boutonniere!! Such a romantic, personal touch - and I love it.  Even if we don't end up going with that particular florist, I'm definitely stealing that idea!
And in no particular order, here are some of the more interesting things (well, interesting to me!) I've learned lately:
  • Having an idea of your budget and flower taste is great, but when you're almost 11 months out from your wedding, you don't get to play with lots of flowers at the first meeting/do I want to hire this vendor session.  Hopefully they're saving this for later, once I hire them!! Instead, you've got to settle for pictures.
  • Oval tables will require more expensive centerpieces.  Guess what, Westin? So much for your "distinctive" ovals! We'll take the round tables, please, with the less pricey centerpieces.
  • My choice of colors - purple (plums, lavenders) - is easily the most popular color choice for spring weddings.  Sigh.  So much for my inspired originality.  (Ok, so I can't claim 100% originality, I did like the color my friend Eva chose for us for her wedding in January - lavender gowns.  This may also have influenced me a little! And I'm sure I wasn't brainwashed at ALL by the giant piles of bridal magazines currently taking up space in our house!).
[I was going to put a picture of myself in this bridesmaid dress but couldn't find a digital version...I know I have good ones in an album, but can't muster up the energy to find them and scan them right now!]
  •  I might now have a bit of a complex about aisle runners now.  Originally they seemed a dumb expense to me - especially as our ceremony location has stone floors and caution against "cheap runners" (Cheap is the nickname of our budget).  Florist #1 told us about how if it's a rainy day, my lovely dress will simply drag through everything our guests have tracked in from outside.  UGH! My dress getting yucky when I've only been wearing it for how long?! This might now be a necessary expense.
  • A flower is a flower to the groom.  He may differentiate them by color or size, but generally, they're ALL just flowers to him.  As long as the one I pin to him isn't hot pink, he's gonna be happy.
  • Also noted at florist # 1: a picture of this guy!

My mom nicely identified these as alluims.  It's pretty, big, in season in May and PURPLE! SCORE!!