Friday, July 15, 2011

The dreaded wedding clutter!

I, like most brides, am signed up for emails from pretty much any company that has “wedding” in their name.  In hindsight, I should have set up a special wedding email just for these emails – but I didn’t – so I get a lot of email daily! These emails lead to what I collectively think of as “wedding clutter.”  These emails are trying to sell me favors, favor bags, bridesmaid gifts, unity candles, unity sand, unity sand-holders, cake toppers, cake cutters, garters, guest books, guest book pens, picture frames, out of town bags, and pretty much anything that might be related to or have “WEDDING!” stamped on it.

I’m trying to keep things SIMPLE.  Simple is the name of the game.  Some of the scariest wedding blog photos I’ve seen are where the wedding has taken over a room (or more than one room!) of a person’s apartment or house.  (Disclosure: My home "office" has been designated Wedding Central but all that's really wedding related right now is the big pile of magazines and books.  I swear!)  Or the pics of people loading up rental vans or trucks to take all of their stuff to the ceremony or reception site! I already decided for my sanity, the less that I have to take to my venue, the BETTER.  And as I discovered I have very little patience for DIY, this should work out for me (though I may attempt these poms for church decoration.  We'll see!)

Things I’ve already mentally jettisoned (unless the Groom insists, none of this is happening):

  • Out of town bags (combined with the fee imposed by our hotel on delivering these to rooms, I’m not bothering).
  • Cake topper (we may use flowers, but more likely will keep the cake simple.  Unless I find totally adorable panda cake toppers!)
    • Total random side note: I mentioned to the Groom that I searched Etsy today for panda cake toppers.  His response: "What's Etsy? Like E-T-C?" I am clearly alone in WeddingLand, people.
  • Unity anything (No candle.  No sand!)
  • No bouquet toss or garter (We’re at that point where we have few single friends left, and feel there’s no need to subject them to this! Plus, the whole garter removal scenario makes me uncomfortable.)
  • Commemorative champagne flutes.  Though cute, we have plenty of flutes already that we don’t use!
  • Personalized napkins.  I love the idea, but hate the cost (plus I have no tools to DIY, embossing seems to be the norm).
  • Bunting/anything else that would be featured with the description "rustic."  Not the look we're going for!
Though the upside of all these wedding emails are that they give me constant inspiration for favors and the like.  And making me think "do we really NEED favors?" And don't worry - I keep stressing how far out we still are from the wedding (August still gives us 9 months!) so all of these thoughts are subject to change.  Maybe just to keep you all coming back to readin the ol' blog! :)


  1. I'm with you! It's like wedding-land invents things that people have never even thought of before and told brides that they NEED them.

  2. I'm with you on a few of those things too. We are def not doing the bouquet and garter toss..I just think its outdated and old fashioned and makes all the single people feel uncomfortable! I just hope our wedding wont be "boring" with not enough focal point..I'm hoping the drinks and band will be enough fun for everyone...