Monday, July 18, 2011


First, I’m excited to get comments from newer readers! Yay! Welcome!! Thanks for the comments!! 

I have to admit that one of the things I am most looking forward to about getting married is the honeymoon! As I am currently wishing that I were on vacation (yet nothing more than a long weekend planned, as we’re saving up vacation time for aforementioned honeymoon), here’s what we’re thinking for our honeymoon.

Sunsets like this.  Yes, please!

Just like we didn’t include the cost of my engagement ring in our budget, we also left out the honeymoon.  As we’re having our reception at a Westin Hotel, we’re earning tons of Starwood points as we pay for our reception.  This makes me think that we should use our points (we also are earning points using the Starwood credit card) on the honeymoon.  However, we won’t be making the really BIG reception payment until the week before the wedding, so our points will take a little time to post and so we really won’t have as many to use the next week.  (Plus, I’m WAY too type-A to put off booking our honeymoon until the week before!).  So perhaps a Starwood points vacation is in the cards, but not for the honeymoon.

Perhaps some snorkeling?

With some dolphins?

The next question would be what type of honeymoon do we want? I’m thinking laid-back and relaxed (if you couldn't guess that from my picture selections!).  I’d like the option to do some activities, but generally I’m picturing beautiful blue water and my toes in the sand.  And getting married in May does mean we should be safe if we choose a destination in the Caribbean, as hurricane season doesn’t seem to really get going until June.  The ol’ Groom, however, seems to have different thoughts on the ‘moon.  We tossed around the idea of Europe, but I think we’re going to be seriously tired and I’m not sure I want to be exhausted while trying to pack in as much stuff as possible in a country or city I’ve never visited. 

I miss Hawaii!!

Places that are totally out include Hawaii, as I’ve been there a number of times.  (I’m lucky enough to have parents who looooove the islands and keep inviting the kids to come along on their trips! Also, if you want tips on where to go in Hawaii, just ask!).  I think Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji/Tahiti are also out (though there are lovely Starwood resorts in Fiji!) due to the length of travel time, plus the cost of the flight to get there.

Seriously.  We all need to pack our bags for some Aloha right now!

Places under consideration include Mexico, the Caribbean, Italy, Greece, Ireland, France, and perhaps even Costa Rica or something similar.  We also haven’t ruled out a cruise, as we have a number of friends who looove cruises and it sounds like you get extra special treatment if you’re on your honeymoon! It does seem that we need to do some more talking to get more on the same page.  Have you planned your honeymoon? How did you pick your destination?


  1. I'm not including it in the "budget" either!

    After some discussions about grand, exciting places, I think we've decided to do a similar holiday to one we've done before - sometimes familiarity helps you relax and enjoy yourself!

  2. We forgot to include it in the budget too but we are heading to Hawaii and my parents are also Starwoods owners who gave us a week of their timeshare to use in Hawaii so thats why we are able to extend the trip for two we were lucky with that! what about the canary islands off the coast of spain I think. My sister went there and there is a starwood resort I think they stayed out..or cashed their points in to stay at beautiful resort.