Friday, July 8, 2011


It is HOT.  It's been hot all week - I know, it's summer and all that, but ugh! I am not a fan.  Probably more so because like many brides, I am in the process of growing my hair out.  Everyone seems to agree that the longer your hair, the better for wedding updo's and such, and so I am growing my usual shoulder length hair as long as it will go.  (I'm a firm believer that my hair will only grow so long - or I've never been able to grow it more than 3 inches or so below my collarbone! Anyone else ever experienced this - your hair will only grow so long?)  Anyway, with my very scientific measurements of a ruler and a mirror, it appears that right now, my hair hits 4 inches from my shoulder (maybe 2 inches from my collarbone - again, very scientific measurements!).  I'm hoping to get it another 3-5 inches longer, but we'll see.  Hair can only grow so fast, and this past Tuesday marked the 10 month mark until the wedding!
Here are some of the hair styles I've been eyeing for the wedding (I try to stick with pictures of blond hair as I'm a dark blond naturally, but highlight my hair):

Sarah wore a peony hair clip with pearls glued into the center.
Anne had her usual stylist create her wedding day look. "I have stick-straight, fine hair and she curled all of it into waves and pinned it into a low updo that perfectly matched the style of my dress," Anne explains. She accented the style with...  Braided Updo
A loose braid makes this updo intricate and elegant.

Rachel’s stylist pinned up the front of her hair, like Rachel often does, and then pinned the back into curls.

I'm clearly leaning towards all up, but low - with looser looking hair and some volume on top! I don't think I'd do a hair flower, but definitely some accent pins like this last style! (All pictures from
So in between fighting the urge to cut all my hair off, I bought the Goody Spin Pins the other day (thanks CVS for those extra bucks!).  They were $7.79 which isn't a cheap hair accessory, but they supposedly make buns super easy and really hold all day.  Well, my hair is fine and I tried the loose bun yesterday morning, so not surprisingly by the time I made it to my office, the pins were almost falling out.  I had to re-do my bun a few more times today, so I think I'd have to recommend these only if you have thicker hair (I also found the higher the bun, the longer it held in place, though since I'm not a professional ballerina, there's only so high I can go during the work day!).  

Maybe I should have gotten the smaller ones?  Anyway, I am so sick of ponytails, I'll try just about anything that doesn't involve more than a handful of accessories (yes, bobby pins - looking at you! Not going to deal with a dozen of you every morning!)

 Must resist!

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  1. I am trying to grow my hair long too and I honestly don't like my hair too long, it starts to look dry and dead and just too long! LOL. I am thinking of doing a side part with a low bun or curls in the back. Similar to what you posted. Those are gorgeous styles!