Friday, July 1, 2011

TGI-Holiday Weekend Friday!!

Happy 4th of July holiday weekend, everyone! I started my weekend off early by taking today off work.  YAY!!!

How pretty is this? And here I was thinking I didn't even like white flower bouquets.  I think what I love is the unexpected shapes - it's not a perfect round bouquet, it's visually interesting!

Wrap It Up Pretty 4

And apparently we're going to start off with a flower I love this too!!

We're making a big push this weekend to get our wedding website done and up; plus, I'm also going to start addressing our Save the Dates (I figure if I only have to do a handful at a time, it won't be so bad getting them all done by August 1).  I'm also investigating personalizing our stamps, as I am not a fan of the current postcard stamp.

2011 Herbs Stamp

Really? I'm mailing out my Save the Dates with oregano and flax? I think not! (Source)

But to the rescue - no fewer than FOUR companies have partnered with the USPS to allow people to customize their stamps! So instead of oregano, I can send my Save the Dates with a picture of our cat of honor, Ashes!! Or with panda bears! Or more likely, with a picture of us...though maybe we'll do a coin toss between that and pandas! (Or Ashes in formal wear!) 

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  1. Karen!! Thanks so much for all your awesome suggestions on Hawaii. I just read your comment to Groomzilla (since he is the one in charge of planning the honeymoon) and he said those are all great suggestions and things he had seen through his research and so glad you mentioned them!

    So awesome that you are doing personalized stamps. I had thought about that too, I really don't want to send our postcard Save the dates with any old "forever" stamp. Hope you have a great weekend!!!