Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Under 300 Days!

Guess what? We’re officially under 300 days until our wedding – 297 says the counter on my phone! Woo hoo!! And we’re almost halfway through July, if you can believe it.  I certainly can’t – I think the wedding day will be here before we know it!

I might have mentioned that we officially hired our florist – Madison Floral! They came recommended by our reception site, and they are awesome! They focus on hotel and corporate events and don’t have a retail store, so I am excited to see what they come up with for our wedding!! Edison, the owner, seemed like a mind-reader as he named our colors without even asking, and we were very happy with the vision he described.  It’ll be exciting to see the vision come to life! Plus, their estimate was under budget (hello, we can’t sign you fast enough!)

I realized the other day that I’ve posted nothing about the groomsmen who will be joining my three lovely ladies in the bridal party! Let’s remedy that! 

  • Best Man Mike lived with the Groom for something like 9 years, and they had many adventures.  Going out with the two of them is always a lot of fun, and I always feel like I learn something new about the Groom from the years before we knew each other! Mike can be trusted to not only host an amazing bachelor party, but will also be sure to get the Groom to where he needs to be on the Big Day.
  • Groomsman Joel lived in the same building as Mike and the Groom back in the day (think Melrose Place but set in Revere, MA instead of LA.  Yeaaah.)  Joel also has a lot of great stories and better yet, embarrassing pictures of the Groom, many from their camping trips up to North Conway, NH.  Joel is an all-around great guy and I’m glad he’ll be standing up there with the Groom!
  • The Groom met Groomsman Jim through Best Man Mike.  While Jim never had the pleasure of living in the same apartment or building as the Groom, they all became friends while working together at the Golden Goose in Boston’s North End.  "Jim is awesome!" says the Groom.  
Sad Kitty says "I iz not a groomzman??"

In other news, we’re kind of taking a little time away from planning at the moment.  I have some DJs to research, and we’re still working on our wedding website (thanks to the Groom, we’re going to have the best website EVER!).  And I need to start addressing our Save the Dates (goal is to do a few a day so I don’t get annoyed!).  But otherwise, it’s kind of an easy month!

We went to a wedding this weekend:

We looked purdy!

The cake had horses!

And...the bride wore orange!

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  1. Wow an orange dress..very intense but coool! Lol our dog is Pissed that he's not a groomsmen either!!! I wish we could incorporate him but I don't think it would work out well. :(