Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wedding block

As we're not really doing anything wedding-related right now, I'm kind of at a loss on a post right now! (wedding block? Like writer's block for wedding bloggers?) (Haha, maybe I should go the Seinfeld route and post about nothing!) I know I mentioned slowly addressing our Save the Dates, but yeah...I've been lazy.  Though I have assembled my markers to write the addresses, and we have stamps...and I'm lazy.  I even have the majority of addresses! (and...cue the lazy!).  I have big plans on making progress on addressing them this weekend, though!

Speaking of Seinfeld! Luckily, the Save the Dates are postcards!

We may also start the registering process this weekend, there might have to be some sweet-talking/reward for the Groom, though, as I think he thinks it will be like the worst shopping trip ever.  He is not a fan of shopping.  Though he is a fan of small appliances and cooking - so maybe that will entice him? (No, as far as I know, the Groom does not read the blog.  Bad Groom!).  There will also be progress on the constantly mentioned, yet still not done, website! Can't mail out those Save the Dates until the website is functional!
In non-wedding news, we visited Washington DC last weekend for a mini-vacation.  It was steamy, with the heat index well over 115 most of the weekend.  But we still had a wonderful time, especially courtesy of our awesome hosts!!

Steve and Melanie - the hosts with the most!
We went to the White House, 

the Capitol, and a ton of the Smithsonians - the Natural History, 

The Hope Diamond, in a new setting by Harry Winston (photographing this diamond was impossible! It's so blue and sparkly in person, my camera just couldn't quite capture it!)

Air and Space, American History, and of course, the National Zoo (I loooove pandas!).

Even pandas don't like the heat!

However, I don't love pandas enough to buy this hat.
The Smithsonian Museum of American History has a gallery of the First Ladies' Dresses, including that gown that Michelle Obama wore to the inaugural balls:

Her dress could easily be a wedding gown! Check out that train!

And of course, the DIAMONDS!! SPARKLY!

We seriously had a fantastic time, and loved re-celebrating our engagement with Steve and Melanie!!
The Lincoln Memorial at night

 The Washington Monument reflecting on the Tidal Basin

If you're headed to DC in the summer, you absolutely have to check out the monuments at night! (Though don't be fooled into thinking that if it was 103 that day, that it'll be any cooler that 95 at was a scorcher of a weekend!)


  1. Wedding block..oh yes I get that sometimes too!! Looks like you all had a wonderful trip!!

  2. I am just like lazy to mail my save the dates...I finally got them in the mail and I keep saying I will start...but I haven't...:-)