Monday, July 4, 2011

Wedding Nightmare!

I've officially had my first wedding nightmare! Oh, and we're only a mere 10 months away from the wedding...can't wait to see what else I'll dream about over the coming months!

In my dream, we were rehearsing the entire wedding the night before; everyone had to come to the reception site and practice eating dinner, and I was "practicing" wearing my dress.  After the rehearsing of the ceremony though, we didn't bustle my dress so I was dragging it all around the reception and it was getting trashed! I also managed to spill all sorts of things (including on my sleeves, good thing the REAL dress doesn't have sleeves, huh?) and ended up crying in the bathroom, and very upset that my dress was ruined for the REAL event the next day.  Also, I dreamed that a bunch of people I didn't invite showed up, and I kept asking other guests if they had invited them! Strange.

Happy 4th, all!!

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  1. :-( boo for wedding nightmares...hopefully you won't have wedding thinking before going to sleep...maybe that will help!