Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Check-in!

Believe it or not, we’re already HALFWAY through August!! I certainly can’t believe it.  Where has summer gone?? I figured it was a good time to do a check-up on where we’re at with the Scary Spreadsheet!!
(Did you know if you start typing "scary" into Google images the first word to come up after scary is clowns? Apparently a lot of people are looking at scary clown pictures.)
Leftover from June and July, we had getting our wedding website online.  This really needed to coincide with getting out the Save the Dates (this week! YAY!) , and I can say the website is finally up! It’s mainly for family and friends traveling from out of state to the wedding, so it won’t be shared here.  Sorry! (And trust me, my blog is way more exciting than the website!).
funny pictures
Even Sad Kitty says my blog is way more entertaining!
In the meantime, we’re doing great on our August goals! We’ve hired our DJ (a future post will reveal our selection), picked out our bridesmaid dresses, registered, ordered my wedding dress, and have figured out our music for our wedding ceremony (hello, organist!).
I’ve also got ordering the invites in August, though I think we’ll likely put that off until September or October.  We’re leaning towards ordering online from a site like, but if you have any ideas on other options, I’d love to hear them! (Our key goals for our invites: elegant yet inexpensive.)
I couldn't leave you with Sad Kitty! Here is Mr. Ashes sporting his other tie (yes, he might have a whole collection.  You can blame Target).

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  1. Oh yes, being scared of clowns is like a real phobia and had by many! Love that kitty has a whole collection of ties! I ordered our sample invite last week and hope it gets here soon..I too have put that part off!