Friday, August 12, 2011

Bridesmaid dress shopping is imminent!

I am really excited to finally be the one PICKING the bridesmaid dress, rather than the one wearing it! (Plus, let's agree - it's way more awesome to be wearing the wedding dress!!) We're kicking off bridesmaid dress shopping at two stores, and I'll be finalizing my wedding dress order as well.  It should be a fun day, and I feel like I am a pro at bridesmaid dresses, considering how many I've worn myself! One of my particular favorites was the one that I was able to use again as a Halloween costume two or three years later - as a Saloon Girl!!

Hopefully we'll avoid this!

Not long after this post, Bridesmaid Jenna sent me an email asking begging for a dress with petticoats.  Haha, not really - more along the lines of "look, movie stars are in weddings - see Keira Knightley.  The bride made her look AWFUL!!! Please, PLEASE do not do that to me."

White cab: Instead of a black cab, the wedding car was a white cab to pick up the bride and groom
Ooooh no.  EW.

Yep, we answered that question.  There is such a thing as matching the bride a little TOO much! And we also answered what to do when you have a good friend/future in-law who happens to be a gorgeous movie star.  Hide them in lots and lots of petticoats!! Perhaps in England, petticoats are the new black?

Haha, but I think the true award for "make my famous friend look bad so I look better" has to go to this wedding with Britney Spears as bridesmaid:

Britney Spears is photographed walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid in the wedding of Frank Lionetti and Brett Miller at The Spanish Monastery in Miami, Florida.

And of course, any bridesmaid dress search is not complete without a search for AWFUL bridesmaid dresses.  Don't forget this lovely from a post back in April.  I haven't checked that shop's windows lately, but luckily they aren't far from my house so I should probably see what has replaced that in the window!! Haha.  Luckily, there is an entire website devoted to ugly bridesmaid dresses (let's be honest, there are probably several!) so I couldn't help but link to some of the really great examples on Tacky Weddings.

curtains  Who needs a butt bow when you can get TWO in the front?

bad-dress-1 Don't let your accessories outshine you, ladies? I love how the girl in the middle is all please, don't capture this moment on film!!

gold_dresses_490x340 And what is that fabric? Oh yes, you can't go wrong with gold lame!!! Fashion through the ages!

Can't wait to see what the girls try on and what we end up with!!


  1. ummm I think I am a little insulted. The picture of the dress shop I think is where I got my bridesmaid dresses...ok not really insulted because they have really ugly prom dresses there. The bridesmaid dresses arent bad but they are horrendous with customer service.

  2. Oh my these are some hilarious bridesmaid dresses! Who would think you could make Keira Knightly look bad? Not me! But good luck with bridesmaid dress shopping. I hope it goes well!

    Great blog by the way. I'm happy to follow you on your journey!

    I would love it if you'd check mine out as well:)


  3. Haha I love this post ;) It's kind of scary to see some of the dresses they market for bridesmaids.. I mean, really?! And poor Kiera Knightly. I still think she's rocking that bm dress, but I've definitely seen her in better, lol!

  4. UGH some of those as if! Love the two front bow ones..who the hec would wear that?? BM dress hunting was quick and easy for BM's are such easy gals! Good Luck!

  5. lovely blog, Karen! OMG!!! All these bridesmaid dresses look so hilarious! poor Kiera Knightly...Anyway, good luck with your bridesmaid dress shopping! Congratulations!!! Have a wonderful time on your wedding day! Cheers!

  6. Vow! that red color wedding dress was stunning and so beautiful. In a wedding ceremony, the traditional color and mostly used color was white but other than white red, blue, pink etc., all those colors also so beautiful to wear and display an essential thing.

  7. I know someone that loves gold lame', and she wants to know where to get these dresses.