Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Okay, this post was inspired by Bridesmaid Jenna, who sent me a super long, super excellent email recently all about cruises.  Jen LOOOVES cruises and I am delighted to have my own personal cruise expert (cruipert?) on hand! Yes, the Groom and I have officially narrowed our honeymoon options down to the Caribbean, and now it's a matter of either picking an island and spending a week at a resort, or hopping on a cruise and seeing a bunch of different places!

Sorry Europe, we REALLY want to come visit you but with paying for this wedding first, you're officially a budget breaker.  We will visit you in the next two years, though! Promise!

As the Groom is much more of an activities guy, we're leaning towards the cruise.  Jen told us Royal Caribbean is the line to go with, as they cater more to our age group, and the fact that we'll be newlyweds! (Ooh, I think that's the first time I've typed NEWLYWEDS! I like it!) Now, we've never been on a cruise but I think we'll quite enjoy a floating hotel complete with multiple pools, amazing food, SUN, entertainment (cheese and non-cheese!), casinos, shopping, movie theaters...and the option to hit up several islands (and their beaches)!

So here's where I'm seeking input from blogland! While I have my expert on hand, I want to know: have you been on a cruise? Any recommendations? Will we have to plan on catching a super-early flight from Boston the morning after our wedding to make it to Florida to catch our boat? And maybe the funniest...how do you book a cruise? I've read on several sites that a travel agent is a good idea, as they will be able to get you a great deal AND tell you all about what's included, and what's not in booking.  We're also AAA members so that might help us save a buck too, right? 

Your comments are appreciated!!!


  1. You will love a cruise..we have been on three together in the past three years and they are a blast. Most leave the ports around 4PM so you may not have to leave Boston as early as you think. But they do let you on the ship starting at noon or so, so if you do get there early they will let you on and you can explore, get a bite to eat, etc. however your room may not be ready. In the past we have found the best deals on travelocity, and then once we find the one we want we call the cruise line and book it via the phone to avoid paying the travelocity finders fee. AAA should save you some money and some states are offered resident discounts so be sure to check that out too. Cruises are fun because you dont ever have to go anywhere, and you don't have to plan your meals, its all there for you!! Good Luck!

  2. Cruisepert. *LMAO* Oh dear. I don't think I qualify as that! But, we just booked a Celebrity cruise in late November going to Roatan, Honduras and Cozumel, Mexico (two of the greatest spots to SCUBA in the Caribbean! We're SO EXCITED!) I'll let you know how it goes!!! We booked Concierge class on this ship and it looks promising! (free fruit, flowers and champagne nightly in our stateroom? Sign me up! ;) ) They're owned by Royal Caribbean, but I'm hearing better things about Celebrity from those critics who have been on both! So I'll keep you posted! The ship isn't as new as the ones that you could chose with RCI, but the price was unbeatable for the end of Nov.! So we'll see - this one might be a better choice for you NEWLYWEDS!! ;) Sorry for the late notice;)
    Talk to you soon! MISS YOU!!!

    ~ Bridesmaid Jen (who TRIED to comment on your bridesmaid dress post awhile ago and it said I didn't have permission. Ha. So hopefully this one will go thru! :P If not, I'm gonna be kickin' some blog-a$$ ;) )