Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OMG, shoes! Part TWO!

You may remember in my prior post about shoes, that I was split between going for a dash of color, or sticking with ivory shoes.  I ordered these from Zappos:

but returned them as the fit wasn't great and I still wasn't sure about ivory shoes.  I've been keeping my eyes open for purple shoes, but debated on giving up on matching the color to the bridesmaid dresses...and which shade of purple did I want? Dark purple? Violet? More pink, like a magenta? Or should I go the blue route, for my something blue? Should I purchase dyeable shoes and match them exactly? (Though dyeable shoes remind me of my prom shoes, and they are not cheap!)

Just because I haven't been talking about shoes lately on the ol' blog, though, doesn't mean that I haven't been clicking all over the Internet! I've been checking out the usual suspects - Amazon, Nine West, Nordstrom's, Zappos, and even Target to see if any shoes would catch my eye.  I even checked out two DSW locations to see what they had leftover from summer wedding shoes, and absolutely nothing caught my eye.

Until a random search on Zappos the other day - where a pair of shoes caught my fancy!And I couldn't say no to the price - $49! With free shipping (both ways!) and 365 days to return your purchase, I decided to try out another pair...and I think we have a winner!! I didn't take a picture of the Zappos box, though I got very excited when we pulled into the driveway that the shoe fairies had visited our house!!

Ooh, a lovely orange box with a yellow swirl!


They look silver in pictures, but the camera really isn't capturing the colors! 
The sparkly tends towards pinks and reds in person and are AWESOME!!

I am absolutely in LOVE with these shoes!!

 Now, I can't be sure that these ARE the shoes until my dress comes in at the end of December, and I see how they work with the length of the dress (Zappos says these are 2.5 inches, but they seem more like 3 to me...).  My dress was custom ordered to my height and I was wearing 2 inch or 2.5 inch heels when they measured we'll see how it goes! I loove these shoes and am thrilled to have found them!


  1. Oh wow now those are FUN!!!!! I am debating if I want to keep mine or not, I love them but they are 4 in high and I will be walking in grass. Am I totally crazy!?!

  2. These are awesome!! Very festive