Sunday, August 7, 2011


(I've had some technical difficulties with this post as these pics were from my phone...I think I've now solved them! Sorry if the pics kept disappearing on you - that pic of the fancy spork was worth the elbow grease to fix!)

We finally registered for gifts this weekend! By finally, that means that I've been dying to register since we got engaged NINE months ago! But considering that merchandise can change from season to season and from year to year, I figured that registering much earlier than now would have been pointless.  Really, I was just excited to use the price gun!

Ooh, a fancy SPORK!!

We started out on our registry odyssey by visiting Crate & Barrel.  Having bought things off of  registries for other friends over the past decade, I was seriously excited to finally have my own registry! A saleswoman briefly explained the registering process, showed us how to use the gun - and we were OFF! I very much enjoyed being set free to go through the store at our own pace, and focus on what we thought was important.
The Groom carefully considers his food processing options

We spent almost two hours going through the store, picking out things we wanted and figuring if we found something better at another store, we could just remove it from our registry later.  (Of course, I've already been playing with our online registry!)
I was very excited to pick out a cheese dome!

We finally wrapped things up at Crate & Barrel and decided to also tackle Bed, Bath & Beyond in the same afternoon.  In hindsight, I think I would recommend breaking up your registry trips - just do one store a day.  Even after stopping for sodas (the new Coke machines which offer hundreds of flavors are worth a post of their own!), we ran out of excitement not long into our visit at BB&B.  This might have been due to the fact that it seemed to take half an hour just to set up our registry.  And BB&B wants to provide good service, so a salesperson guides you through the departments, and comes along with you to select items.

This would have been SERIOUSLY annoying, if the saleswoman had not totally read our personalities and moods and let us guide the visit.  She had some good suggestions and let us move along at our pace - and when we said it was time to wrap up, she did so quickly! Considering we still have lots of work on with our BB&B registry, I'm really hoping that on our next store visit they will turn us loose with the gun and leave us to it! 

At any rate, our BB&B experience led me to set up our Macy's registry online.  I don't think either of us could stomach sitting through another BB&B kind of experience with a salesperson at Macy's!


  1. We will be doing one of our stores this weekend and I know we will be in for the long haul..I will definitely wear comfy shoes!

  2. Oh wow Sounds exciting! I don't feel like registering yet...maybe next month hahaha Thanks for the advice! :-)

  3. we had the same thing the time we got to BB&B and then realized this annoying lady was going to walk through with us we had had it. I really didn't want her with us..we needed to figure out what we wanted ourselves. But breaking it up is a good suggestion!

  4. I seriously can't wait to register! Good to know about BB&B though - I kinda hate being guided around like that, although I do get their intentions.