Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saving the Date!

Even though I was absolutely lousy at statistics (why was that a requirement for a sociology minor who was destined to go to law school anyway? Why? Other than to mess with my GPA?), I did keep track of what states we may have represented at our wedding, as I addressed our save the date postcards! (Yes, I was trying to find a way to make the Save the Dates fun!)

I mailed one to myself earlier this month to make sure our custom stamps worked - and then checked our mail like a maniac today until it arrived! It was a little worse for wear, but still totally cute!

The front had a few smudges, but looked pretty good!

And, we splurged on the custom stamps! I looooove them!!

So where are our Save the Dates destined to travel?
  • There will be 35 Save the Dates travelling through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! Not too surprising that Massachusetts is the winner, as we live in Boston and have lots of friends and Groom family here.  We've already gotten lots of positive feedback as we mailed them this week!
  • In second place is Michigan, with 12.  Again, not too surprising as that's where I'm from and have lots of family.
  • California comes in third, with 5 Save the Dates en route!
  • Tied for fourth, we have five states! Illinois, Florida, Colorado, Texas, and Virginia will each only see two of our lovely postcards.
  • In fifth place, we have the remainder states - where only one Save the Date will travel: Tennessee, New York, Ohio, Washington, and our lone foreign Save the Date, en route to British Columbia in Canada!
I'm pretty impressed to have 12 states and even Canada represented among our invitees!! Both we and our friends and family definitely get around!

Here's the assembling of the production line (I found Lemon Berry Hawaiian Punch to successfully stave off dehydration):

I had a large marker selection to choose from...

The giant pile, artfully arranged

And just after I started!

I also found that some background noise (watching TV at the same time) helped to move things along! We mailed these babies the other day and I'm so happy we've crossed one more thing off the list!


  1. YAY they came out great! I'm sure you guests loved them!

  2. I LOVE YOUR STAMPS!!!!!!! You guys are too cute!!!! These are SO you - classy and fun at the same time (which is hard to pull off, but you've mastered it! :D)
    I've become less prone to keep "stuff" in my old age, but these are going to get stowed away ;)
    Love you guys!