Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wedding Guests

Last night, the Fiance and I headed over to celebrate our friends Kate and Tom's wedding at the New England Aquarium.  The Aquarium is located right on Boston Harbor and it was an absolutely beautiful night.

You can see a bit of the water (and federal courthouse!) behind me!

Knowing the general tardiness of their friends, Kate and Tom decided to have the cocktail hour first, followed by the ceremony inside the Aquarium.  It worked out nicely, as we got to munch on delicious appetizers and have a glass of wine before heading into the ceremony.

The ceremony

I can safely say that this wedding was the most unique I've ever been to, as the Aquarium is a fantastic venue! We got to wander around a bit with no crowds, check out the exhibits and the penguins, and of course see the ceremony! It was really lovely, even with these little guys being loud (I'm sure it was their way of voicing their encouragement!)

Friends and family lined the walkway winding around the Giant Ocean Tank to watch the ceremony, along with those of us watching from around the penguins.  It was very cool!

The first dance - Kate looked gorgeous in a short dress and she ROCKED those shoes!!

After dinner, the dance floor stayed crowded the entire evening!

And...there was an octopus!

Congrats again to the newlyweds!! We wish you every happiness!!

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  1. What a super cool venue..and who woulda thunk to have the cocktail hour before the idea!! Also love the octopus!