Friday, August 5, 2011

Welcome to my 50th post!

Happy Friday! Did you know that we’re getting married 9 months from today?? No? That’s OK, the Groom didn’t know it either when I told him the other day.  Can you believe I'm already at my 50th post?? I sure can't!! This might officially make me a blogger!!

I know my posts have been a bit more sporadic as we’re taking a bit of a break from the ol’ planning, but don’t you worry! We’re ramping things up again this month, and I can promise you all sorts of fun posts this month:

  • Bridesmaid dress shopping! (next weekend! And yes, there will be lots and lots of pictures!)
  • Placing the order for my dress! (next weekend, but sadly only pics of the bridesmaid potential dresses will appear mentioned, the Groom doesn't want to be scared to look at the blog for fear of seeing the dress! So maybe I should stop leaving pics of it open on my laptop, huh? What can I say, I was super excited to find new pics of it online!)
  • The photographic evidence of the sending out the Save the Dates (of course I’ve been taking pictures of the process! What’s more fun to look at than pics of addressing the Save the Dates? And stamping them? And re-writing them because I didn’t leave enough room to fit in the last name?)
  • Registering!
  • Finding a DJ! (Big kudos to the amazing responsiveness of the 3 DJs I emailed yesterday afternoon.  All 3 of them have already gotten back to me! That's the fastest response time of any vendor so far!)
  • Figuring out our music situation for our ceremony!
  • Reaching out to our officiant!

Wooo, there will be good times at Wedding Central in the upcoming weeks.  I’m guessing the Groom is already just THRILLED.  No, he’s actually been a great sport about all of the wedding nonsense I throw his way (which is a LOT, because I am super Type-A and hyper-organized!).  I am very thankful for his involvement in all things wedding!


  1. I think between 9-6 months is the most work...I am going crazy booking everything! Good luck!

  2. Yay happy 50th post. I never thought I would be as committed to the blogging as I am either!! Happy 9 months will fly from here..:)