Saturday, September 3, 2011

Barbie and Ken!

So if you're a fellow wedding blogger, wedding planner, or friends with someone planning their wedding, you've likely seen the websites like Style Me Pretty or Green Wedding Shoes - sites that feature gorgeous wedding pictures - style shots of the bride and groom, their accessories, their venue.  Some of the photography isn't even of real weddings, but are promotional.  While I'm a sucker for beautiful wedding photography, if you overload on these websites you really start to think your own wedding is going to just turn out horribly! Or you start wanting to bust your budget for stuff you'd previously never ever heard of (hello, gobo! uplighting! candy bars! mashed potato stations! bunting! photo booths! rustic outdoor wedding on a ranch, with cowboy boots and tons of petticoats, even though we're not ranch-type people, and we live in Boston!) PHEW!

I came across a link to this photoshoot a few days ago, and then saw it again today - so I figured it was time to blog about it! I love it, and it makes me laugh - hopefully you get a giggle out of it as well!! Without further ado...BARBIE AND KEN GET MARRIED!!!!

The full shoot is available at Rock and Roll Bride, along with a funny interview of the photographer! Yes, Barbie finally got tired of waiting and asked Ken!! 

About time they got hitched, huh?

You can catch the entirety of this shot, complete with pictures of the bride getting into her dress, photos with the groom, ceremony and reception, at Rock and Roll Bride!!!

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