Thursday, September 8, 2011

The In Between

Something that none of the bridal magazines or books seem to cover are the long in-between periods, from when you book your venue to when you actually get close enough to DO stuff with your venue - pick out your table overlays and fabrics, chairs, tastings – that kind of thing.   What exactly are you supposed to be doing in the in-between period? Should you check in with your venue once a month? Once every other month? 

You don’t want to be a pain, but you also likely put down a sizeable deposit and you want some reassurance as the months slowly pass by.  You want to make sure that the same staff are still working there, and that nothing has changed since you signed a contract (because woe to you if you DIDN’T sign a contract!).  These kinds of questions are all the more relevant as the engagement and planning periods lengthen as more brides and grooms are paying for their own weddings.

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For example, we booked our venue over 14 months prior to our event - so it's no wonder that I’ve been itching to do our food tasting! And to play with the tablecloths and Chiavari chairs! And don’t even get me started on wanting to do the cake tastings… (oh yes, I said tastings! Our cake is included with our reception package and we have the option of 2 bakeries, so you know we will be doing tastings at both!) But it also seems to make sense to wait until we’re 6 months out or so to do these things…so right now I’m almost ready to speed through fall and get into winter already!! (Note I said ALMOST ready!)

For my own in-between period, as we’ve booked each vendor, I’ve sent an email to our coordinator at our venue letting her know who we’ve hired for flowers, DJ, and so on.  Sending out these emails every 6 or 8 weeks has been a nice way to check in and remind her that while our event is still quite a ways away, we’re making progress and we’re excited! 

Are you in the dreaded in-between period? How often did you stay in touch with various vendors and your venues?


  1. I think our in between period just ended, but I definitely did things way in advance (a makeup trial with a YEAR to go lol) just because I had time and I was itching to plan!

  2. I hated this period. I just read wedding blogs and tried not to change my mind about things. (Waiting 9 months for my dress to come in was pure pain!)I worked on a lot of the details during this time--the guest book, Mr. & Mrs. chair decor, bridesmaid gifts, etc.

  3. Oh girl, I hear you! We booked our venue and most other vendors almost a year and a half out - it's FINALLY time to start getting things together and actually doing stuff, but now I don't know where to start. The waiting period is so hard, but the earlier you prepare, the less you have to do later!

  4. I was in the same boat and was just thinking that I have been in routine contact with all of my vendors except our florist so I just put on my to do list to reach out to him for reassurance that he had not closed up his shop and left me high and this me being a crazy bride!?! LOL!