Saturday, September 24, 2011

Inspiration Boards!

In honor of our ongoing invitation search, I spent some time on Style Me Pretty and whipped up this Inspiration Board:

I love the florals on these cards - and the letterpress! The details are delicate and there is beautiful script, both of which are things I love.  I expect to receive additional samples this week, so perhaps we'll have our invitations figured out by the end of the month!

Since I was already there, I couldn't really resist doing yet another inspiration board for the entire wedding, too!

I love the details on the back of the bride's gown, and the dark background on the invitation.  Of course I'm loving purple dresses, flowers, and champagne! And I'm also starting to keep an eye out for cake ideas as I think we'll be doing some cake tastings in the next few months - I'm definitely drawn to simple designs!

What's inspired you lately?


  1. You have beautiful taste. I love the letterpress tooo and that cake is beautiful!

  2. I love the purple!!! Good luck on the invitation search.

  3. love the purple too...these are great inspirations!