Monday, September 19, 2011

The Kids Aren't Alright

We've decided to not have kids at our wedding.  I know this is one of those topics that people feel quite strongly about, so regardless of how you decide what’s best for your wedding, there are always going to be those who disagree with your decision.  Though I've been trying to prepare myself for outrage or backlash, so far most of the reactions have been, “Ooh, okay! Night away! Yay!”or “It’s a night reception, I wouldn't want my kids there anyway!”

Yay cat

We gave a lot of thought to our decision, and I especially sought input from Awesome Bridesmaid/Cruisepert Jenna, who has a fantastic three-year old, Tyler.  I love Tyler and think he rocks, but Jen shared some experiences with chasing Tyler around at the last few weddings she’d attended, and how that wasn't fun – so I felt better about our decision.  Also, we don’t have any nieces or nephews yet so there aren't any close family members that we exclude by deciding to not have kids there. 

For me, I wasn’t especially worried about crying babies during our ceremony as much as I was worried about unsupervised kids taking over our reception.  Our friends have some great kids, but the combination of sugar and a late night for kids usually does not end well for anyone! Plus, I’m going for more of an elegant atmosphere, and a kid throwing a tantrum on the dance floor doesn’t really line up with that goal.

Blue Wedding Reception Kids or No kids?

Our decision was definitely cemented by the realization that our ballroom will hold 120, and we already have almost 140 on our guest list – before you even start including little ones! So while it stinks to hear that some out-of-town relatives can’t make the trip without their kids, I respect and understand that that’s the sacrifice we made when we decided to not invite children.  

Are you or did you have children invited to your wedding? How did it work out?

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  1. I am also not having kids at the wedding....there will be dancing and drinking...who will watch them? hahaha