Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Must Haves!

I think every bride (and groom) has certain things that they have deemed “must have” for their wedding.  It might be because it’s a family tradition, or perhaps the bride has grown up always envisioning her wedding a particular way.  Or maybe the bride and groom saw it at another wedding, or were inspired by a book or movie.  (Though I think Steel Magnolias officially turned me off of pink as a possible wedding color!)  It might be something as simple as a particular dress or mode of transportation, or something more complicated requiring crowd participation, like a sparkler send-off!

Trust me, if I’d put more thought into it, I would be all over the sparkler send-off!! Still not quite sure how much of a “send-off” we’ll get though, as we’re having the reception at a hotel and simply taking the elevator up to our suite - rather than leaving in grandiose style at the end of the night!

Anyway, we started talking about our must-haves before we were even engaged.  When we were still talking about getting engaged, we had a lengthy discussion on what our priorities were for our wedding celebration.  For me, my priorities ranked something like: 

  • Open bar
  • Big, fancy white dress 
  • Awesome honeymoon

For the groom, his only real priority was open bar.  He figured a big fun party would flow naturally from that, and I have to agree, knowing our group of friends and family.  He’s definitely gotten on board with an awesome honeymoon too! Knowing me, I think he also would have been shocked if I didn’t accomplish my big white dress goal (which I did – once my dress comes in [December] and I start doing fittings, maybe I’ll show some pictures!).

Also, we tried not to let our priorities change once we started exploring the big crazy world of wedding planning.  Once we started looking at venues, I fell in love with Chiavari chairs.  I know, they’re just CHAIRS.  And can I honestly remember the chairs I’ve sat in as a guest at other weddings? No, I cannot.  But for some reason, these chairs just did it for me! And luckily they are included as part of our package at our reception venue.  Thank goodness, as the cost to rent these bad boys would not be pretty! 

I also notice if I start watching too many wedding shows (David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding, Bridezillas, Platinum Weddings, etc.) I start wondering if I need trees at my wedding (no, Karen, you’re not marrying the future King of England, so no – no trees!).

So far we’ve stayed on track with our priorities, though, and made sure that our budget will accommodate! What are your wedding priorities? Have you managed to fit them into your budget?

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  1. My wedding priority was a good photog. I think I got that down. The rest is groomzillas priorities. hahaa Loving the sparkler send off..