Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our reception venue

I've mentioned in previous posts that we're hosting our reception at a hotel.  This should be especially convenient for my entire family, as they are all coming from out of state.  My parents live in Michigan, my brother lives in Chicago, and my sister lives in New York City.  I have not yet unveiled our cocktail hour and reception spaces, though - so I figured it was time! 

This is a shot of the cocktail hour space, which is right off of the lobby of the hotel.  It's the hotel "lounge" area, with a bar and restaurant off to the right, and it's an open, airy space that goes up three stories.  According to the Farmer's Almanac, sunset is already close to 8 pm in early May (though I don't seem to remember that happening this year!).  Regardless, there should be some pretty skies as the guests enjoy cocktail hour from 6-7 pm!

This is a shot of our reception space, the Concord Ballroom.  The lights are all on a dimmer (thank goodness!) and we'll be using round tables instead of the ovals pictured.  We'll also likely have some splash of color in the table overlays, though that's yet to be determined.  Not pictured is a small outdoor patio that opens up in the front of the room, along with our own set of restrooms that we won't be sharing with any other groups.  We'll also be the only wedding reception on this floor, as the other two ballrooms are on another level. 

You may notice those pillars, which were quite a source of debate when we were picking our reception venue! They will frame the dance floor, and we'll likely do a sweetheart table at one end of the dance floor.  I think it'll work better than a head table for 8 of us, plus, I'd rather my bridesmaids and groomsmen sit with their significant others than with us.  Considering how everyone has told us we will barely have a moment to ourselves, I figure the sweetheart arrangement should help us out with that.

Do you fall into the sweetheart table camp, or the head table camp? 


  1. Your reception and cocktail space is gorgeous! As of right now we are doing a head table. Once we actually do our tasting and hash out our details though, that could change. Can't wait to see more about your wedding!

  2. Oh wow sooo prettty...I been to a hotel that looked like this in St. Louis...the best was the amazing view of the arc.

    I seriously looove hotel weddings...because everyone usually stays in the same hotel and it is just one big party the entire time!

  3. Just gorgeous! I love the cocktail space, so beautiful. The reception area is breathtaking! We are not having a sweetheart or a head table per say, we will just be a normal table sitting with our brothers and sisters and their signifcant others, most of whom will be in the wedding party.

  4. gorgeous venue!! I can't wait to see it in all your wedding pictures!!

    I was def. anti sweetheart table when I first got engaged...but as we went along with wedding planning and also attended more and more weddings...sweetheart table became a no brainer for that's what we went with. I wanted our bridal party to sit with their significant others as well and if we wanted everyone together that would have meant we'd need a head table for 25 people!!