Friday, September 30, 2011

Priscilla of Boston visit!

After being reminded by another blog about the closing of Priscilla of Boston, I figured it was time to head over to the Priscilla store here in Boston.  (BONUS: A Ryan Reynolds movie was filming on the street outside the store!! Sadly, we did not see Ryan, or anyone else famous for that matter...) 

Gratuitous picture of Ryan Reynolds.  You're welcome.

Anyway, I had signed up for their sales emails a while ago, and I also received a reminder that everything in the store was at least 50% off, with some things being up to 85% off.  Considering Priscilla is a relatively high-end line, I wasn't sure I would find any deals (even with half off), but I figured it was worth a shot!
I went just after work with my friend Karyn, and a friendly consultant showed us around the store.  We started out in veils, where I knew I wasn't going to buy anything unless it was practically a steal.  Sadly, all of the veils were their samples, and 99% of them had some tears, if not giant rips, in the tulle.  Want to know what a $1600 veil looks like?

Those are some VERY expensive flowers, ladies!!

Karyn also got into the spirit and found the most ruffly dress imaginable:

We then moved over to sparkly things like headbands and hair combs.  I thought I wanted some kind of hair comb to add a little something to my hair, but Karyn convinced me to try out some headbands too.
Though on reflection, we're pretty sure this is a belt.  Yay for belts on our heads!
I did however, find a fantastic Jennifer Behr headband - that I fell in LOVE with!! Seeing as it was 50% off, I couldn't resist - I figured even if I ended up not using it, I could probably sell it in the future if needed (or wear it out on special occasions, as suggested by Karyn!).  Though considering I put it on again when I got home (to try out earrings with it, naturally!) I think this headband will DEFINITELY be making its debut on my wedding day!

From the right, with pearl earrings.

A head-on view.

I love it!

Have you picked out your wedding day accessories yet? Scored any great deals that made you even more excited about your purchase?


  1. Love Ryan Reynolds ... wish I was in Boston to hunt him down. Definitely go with the headband. Will you wear a veil?

  2. I love Priscilla of Boston, such a shame they are closing. Love the headband, such a great find. Really enjoying your blog....

    Greetings from WB! :-)

  3. that headband is gorgeous!! What a great find!! So sad about POB :(