Friday, September 2, 2011

With this ring...

With Massachusetts having a sales tax free weekend a few weeks ago, the Groom and I decided to go check out some chain jewelry stores at the mall, to see what they were offering and if there were any deals to be had.  We weren't expecting much...and we were right.  With no sales tax on jewelry, there were no additional sales or discounts - and considering sales tax is 6.25%, nothing was priced all that great.  I had already figured the chain stores at the mall were overpriced, and my suspicions were confirmed!

We're also lucky enough to have the Boston Jewelers Exchange Building in Boston, which houses a huge variety of jewelry stores right in one place.  Each of these businesses will give you a good price, because they have to be competitive with the other hundred businesses located right in the same place! Gene purchased my engagement band here and had it set with a family heirloom diamond.

The night we got engaged! I looooooooove my ring!

Loooove it.

So when we hit the mall I already had some ideas on what I thought I might like as a wedding band to go with my ring.

Perhaps an eternity band with channel set diamonds, to complement the engagement ring?

Perhaps a partial eternity band, as one jeweler mentioned the problem of diamonds falling out of the band on the side closest to the palm (to which I immediately thought, well, maybe if you made a better product, this wouldn't happen...)

Or maybe something not channel set? (Source)

To be honest, I wasn't thrilled with any of the bands I tried on - nothing really did it for me.  I have a feeling I'll have much better success at the Boston Jeweler's Exchange.  Our saleswoman at Long's Jewelers mentioned they have an annual wedding band event where you can find the best savings.  However, it takes place the last weekend of March, and we're getting married just over a month later - so it makes me nervous to think of not getting our wedding bands in on time!

As for the groom? He's EASY! He wants a plain gold band, like this:

He has rings from both sides of his family and may also explore melting the gold down from those rings into a single band like this - which would be very budget friendly, considering the price of gold right now!

Have you selected your wedding bands yet? Do you think wedding bands should match?


  1. LOl yes the groom will be easy for us too. I did get an eternity style band and then another band that matches my ring band so I can stack them or wear one or two or all three together. I can't wait to be able to finally wear them with my engage ring!!

  2. Great post! For my wedding band, I chose a simple platinum eternity band to pair with my looks stunning! But I also was not impressed with many of the rings I saw at the stores in our mall, I really had to hunt for mine! Good Luck!