Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You are cordially invited…

Invitations! Invitations are one of those things that I keep moving around on my Scary Spreadsheet, as we still have lots of time to figure them out and order them.  That being said, the Groom and I spent some time this weekend going through some of the samples I had previously ordered from Wedding Paper Divas.  We also ordered some more samples from the website, along with going through Minted’s invitations online and ruling them out.  If we don’t have a winning invite from the next batch of samples, we will probably check one or two more sites online, and even consider (*GASP*) going to a REAL STORE to check out invites.  When trying to keep costs down, though, it seems like going online for invites is the best option.

And even then, invitations are EXPENSIVE.  Because I knew they would be pricey, I kept our costs way down on our Save the Dates by going through Vistaprint and one of their promotions for free postcards.  But I would like our invitations to set more of the tone of what we’re going for with our wedding – elegant and classic.  Hence I ruled out Vistaprint as I didn’t care for any of their designs for wedding invites (and I’m not going to take on learning graphic design to do our wedding invites!).

Some of our potential invites in the ol' sample to our lovely Save the Dates and seeing if they coordinate! Wow, that is some bad lighting in our dining room...ANYWAY...

We also ruled out buying premade invites from Michael’s or Target, where you then print the invite on your home printer.  Our home printer is good enough for our occasional documents, but we didn’t want to have to rely on it to print out our wedding invites.  Nor the cost of replacing the ink as I’m guessing the invites would eat up at least 2-3 cartridges!


Another thing I avoided entirely was the DIY route.  I am not a crafty person, and while I know what designs I like, I had ZERO interest in designing our invites.  Also, after reading through several bloggers’ stories of DIY invites, it sounds like you don’t necessarily save yourself any money by DIY.  Some brides actually said it cost them MORE to DIY. The Groom might have more of an interest in this (while reviewing the invite samples, he kept saying which elements he liked, and wanting to combine them into one invite) – but he definitely lacks the time to actually design the invites as he’s been slammed at work lately.

Have you picked out your invitations yet? Where did you order them from? Are you a DIY type and taking on your invites?


  1. We looked at sample after sample after sample and we never found anything that we absolutely loved or that was in our colors. We ended up going through a printing company and they custom designed them for us. I think they were a little less expensive than they would have been had we gone through an actual invitation place. I hope that you guys find something that you love! I can't wait to see what you pick!

  2. I haven't decided what to do with invites yet either! To me it seems like such a daunting task. So I feel like I've kind of been avoiding it. Yuck. I hope you find something that works out for you!

    BTW, I'm hosting a bridal giveaway. Be sure to check it out!

  3. I love the one in the top right, and yes I hear you about the DIY printer, ink cartridges are so expensive these days that it would probably be just as expensive as having someone else make them for you! Good luck!