Monday, September 5, 2011

You Spin Me Right Round!

Yep, the title of this post means we've hired our DJ! Hooray for crossing yet another thing off of the Scary Spreadsheet.  I found hiring our DJ to be one of the easiest vendors yet, probably because we skipped the step of meeting with each person/company.  This was mainly because all of our potential DJs were recommendations from friends, and if we hadn't personally been at the wedding to experience the DJ, I grilled my friends on what they liked/didn't like about the person/company.  One thing the Groom and I could agree on was that we wanted a DJ who would emcee the event, and make sure our guests knew when things like the cake cutting were going on - but who would NOT be leading a conga line on the dance floor! 

Not that we HAVEN'T conga-lined with the best of them at weddings past...

Just that maybe it's not quite the thing we're going for (get this man a sombrero, STAT!)

We also want a lot of control over what music is played, and what's on the Do Not Play list.  Also, DJs were another vendor whose quotes on pricing varied by over $500, if you can believe it! This was especially shocking as we only need the DJ for the four-hour reception - our venue is providing us with a pianist for cocktail hour, and our ceremony is at a church and we have separate musical arrangements.  Our most expensive quote ended up breaking down to over $330/hour - which is more than my lawyer friends make per hour!


Does this bag of money go with my dress?

So who did we end up hiring? We went with Ted who owns Best Time Ever Entertainment, who DJ'ed my friend Liz's wedding.  Not only did he give us the best price, he was very down to earth and was upfront with what he will provide, and what he won't.  He also lets us choose our Must Play and our Do Not Play lists right online, which will be handy when we end up having to finalize our lists.  We're looking forward to working with him, and dancing the night away at our wedding!


  1. I hope your DJ does a great job. A good DJ can really make a wedding very memorable.

  2. That is crazy expensive for a DJ..Our band quoted us less than that and they are a five piece band!! Glad you found someone to DJ your wedding!! :)