Tuesday, October 18, 2011

200 days to go!

Our wedding is only 200 days away! This means tomorrow, we're officially in the 100+ day countdown!! Woo! I can remember when we were well over a year away from the wedding, so it's exciting to feel like the wedding is just around the corner.  Well, around the corner and through winter.  DETAILS!! 
Speaking of details, a winter wedding would have been so fun! Two of my close friends have gotten married in the winter, and both weddings were gorgeous - and they had some great pictures with the snow! But considering how bad New England winters have been lately, and the fact that I would be heartbroken if my family couldn't fly out for the wedding due to bad weather - we chose May instead.
But here's a look at what could have been:

The snowmen cake toppers are definitely my favorite thing!!

Anyway, what am I most excited about doing over the next 200 days?
  • Booking our honeymoon! We've made a decision on where we're going...watch for an upcoming post! (I am SO excited!)
  • Meeting with the officiant and planning the ceremony.  Same for meeting with our organist and picking our musical selections.  It'll be exciting to see these pieces come together!
  • Booking hair and make-up for myself and the ladies.
  • Dressing the groom! He thinks he's going to go with a tux, but it'll be fun to pick out the details.
  • Picking out my somethings old, new, borrowed, and blue! I already have some ideas on this...stay tuned!
  • Choosing our food for cocktail hour, the reception, and doing some cake tastings! I've been looking forward to tastings since we booked everything!
  • Picking out and buying our rings! 
  • And, sending out invites! Although that's not as exciting as getting our RSVPs back!
Woo hoo.  I seriously can’t WAIT for our wedding day to get here!


  1. ahhhhhhhh I ABSOLUTELY love the little snow men!! I know a winter wedding looks fun...but bbrrrr...hahah

  2. that looks pretty but May is def. the way to go (obviously the BEST month heehee)! Just WAIT till your at 99 days! AHH!