Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beautifying for the Big Day

So in addition to the ubiquitous dieting that seems to go on (there's Bridal Boot Camp, and a myriad of other fitness regimens specifically marketed to brides), a lot of women also try and take better care of their hair and skin leading up to the wedding.  And I’m no different!

funny pictures - Pic it up, mai butt.      Iz cant eben roll de damn ting

In addition to using moisturizer day and night, along with eye cream, I've also been doing the oil cleansing method twice a week.  I started it mainly to try and combat the oil slick that shows up on my skin later in the day, and I've noticed results after just a few weeks.  I also quite enjoy steaming my face - I find it so relaxing!

I've written before about my struggle to grow out my hair - I'm easily bored by my hair, and often want to change it on a weekly basis.  Also, I have a hard time telling a stylist what I want my hair to look like – and I often end up with letting them cut my hair how they want, versus what I want.  Since that happened to me again recently and I ended up with some layers that I absolutely HATE, I've decided to not cut my hair again before the wedding.  Considering we’re 7 months away from the wedding, though, I suppose this isn’t that big a statement!

This decision also means growing out some highlights yet again - though, I went back for a touch-up just a few weeks ago and specifically asked that he make my highlights darker.  Yeaaaah.  That didn't go so hot, because here I am, about a month later...and I can see exactly where my previous highlights are still growing out.  

Don't you love how I circled it in red? Also, this picture doesn't really show how bad it is!
(oh, but it does show off my non-oily skin at the end of the day!)

So clearly that is NOT the stylist who will be handling my wedding day hair!! I can promise you now that when it comes down to my bridal hair and make-up, I absolutely will tell them what I like and dislike, and exactly what I want!
Here are some of the makeup looks I love, and I’ve already shown some hairstyles, but let’s re-visit, shall we?

Kate Winslet 6

And looking at some hairstyles again...

Beth wore her hair in a low bun with a silk flower set on one side.

French Twist
Add a touch of sparkle to this structured updo with hairpins.

A freshly-picked cream rose dressed up Katie‘s simple up-do.

Have you had your hair and make-up trial? Did things turn out as you had hoped? Also, how far out should I be booking hair and make-up? Thanks for your comments, I love hearing from you all!


  1. Ohhh I been trying to grown my hair out too...I been getting regular mini-trims...and I think they are working...good luck!

  2. I had my hair and makeup trial done quite early, just because I was crazy bride and wanted it all done. I loved how she did my hair, my makeup not so much, I kept having to tell her that I didn't like it. I ended up booking her because I ADORED the way she did my hair, but now I'm nervous I made the wrong choice if I wasn't 100% happy with how the makeup came out.

    I will have to try your non oily skin technique. I have done nothing to prepare my skin for my big day!