Sunday, October 9, 2011

Diamond Dash!

What would YOU do for a diamond ring? Would you participate in a crazy scavenger hunt for the chance to win a $20,000 engagement ring?  These folks all did! 
The second annual Boston Diamond Dash took place recently, and the participating couples followed clues sent to their cell phones, directing them to various locations around downtown Boston.  At each location they had to work out a clue to figure out where to go next – kind of like the Amazing Race! (Or probably more like those urban scavenger hunts that I've always thought would be fun to compete in, but have yet to actually follow through on…)  And this lucky couple managed to win (and that ring is GORGEOUS!) 

Congratulations to our winners

And best of all, they didn't have to pay the tax on the ring (and they planned to keep it, unlike a number of the other participants!)

Now for a lot of couples, an engagement is often delayed for a bit while the groom saves up for the ring.  I was lucky (or perhaps I should say the groom was lucky) enough to receive an heirloom diamond that had belonged to his grandmother.  But something I am loving today is non-traditional engagement rings! Be it a splash of color with gemstones, or not even a diamond at all - there are so many options out there!

From Will & Kate:
To other non-traditional types of rings:

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my ring and think it is perfect for me! But I love that there are other options out there for people to express their style and individuality! What are your favorite ring trends?


  1. I like diamond rings, but never really felt like they were a good fit for me. I hinted very subtly (of course) that I'd like a pearl engagement ring, and my fiance found an absolutely beautiful pearl ring. I love how different and very us it is!
    That diamond dash sounds absolutely awesome, though - what a cool activity!

  2. that's such a cool idea! i've never heard of a diamond dash before, but it sounds like lots of fun! I love kate's ring...but I'm a traditionalist through and through :)