Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From the Blushing Bride...

As a Cinco de Mayo bride, I simply had to give a shout-out to the Blushing Bride, who put together a fantastic inspiration board on her site!

I love the vibrant colors and of course, the crazy hats!! I think my parents might already have something up their sleeves with regards to hats...anyway...

The pinata reminded me of a favor I saw - MINI-PINATAS!!

Mini Burro Pinata
How cute are these?!

Sadly, I think we'll be priced out of mini pinatas unless I become a DIY master and make them myself.  Let's be honest, though - do you REALLY think I could make those? Me, with the patience of a cranky two-year old (and taking on paper mache?!) I'm hesitant to try making tissue poms, much less breaking out plaster and newspaper and whatever else you need to make pinatas! 

However, I think we could definitely use a prop - like a BIG pinata! For pictures, of course!

And then it can be the Best Man's job to carry him around!!

Seven months from TODAY we'll be tying the knot!! Woo hoo!! Coincidentally, today is our 4 year dating anniversary!! Double woo hoo!!

Are you getting married on a holiday, or a known day of celebration? Are you incorporating any of the day's themes into your wedding?


  1. I loved that inspiration board on her blog!
    No holiday wedding for us, but Cinco De Mayo would have been awesome!

  2. OOO mini pinatas would be sooo fun! And I'd give you a TON of credit if you could make all those mini pinatas!

    We picked the weekend after St. Pattys day because I did not want a bunch of leprechans at my wedding! LOL!

  3. I love the mix of vibrant bright clors looove it!!