Thursday, October 20, 2011

Invitations: The Final Decision

I am excited to tell you...that we have finally picked our invitations! And no one was more shocked than me that we ordered them through a Paper Source store - instead of going online!

See? L.C. from the Hills can't believe it either.  
(You really missed out if you never watched the Hills! 
And how much do I absolutely love blogging that I can tie in images like this? Seriously.  Awesome.  Anyway, moving on...)

See this big pile of options?

Yep, we didn't end up going with any of those - or anything even close to that, really! Our invite doesn't really match our Save the Date, nor does it tie in our wedding colors of lavender, silver and plum - oh wait, it does tie in the silver! But that's about where the coordination ends.    Considering how I originally thought I wanted everything to coordinate nicely, this is a big change for me! 

Also, I didn't want to weird out our very helpful saleswoman (who is also recently engaged!) by taking lots of pictures, so you'll have to accept images of what I've found on the internet as I try and give you a sense of how ordering invitations in a real live store works!  After wandering through the store and playing with all of the toys, reading the funny books, and browsing through all of the entertaining cards, we finally asked a saleswoman about wedding invitations.  Total sidenote: I could spend TONS of money at the Paper Source (and other stores like Kate's Paperie).  I love the fun post-it notes, the different calendars, the cards, the stationary, the wrapping paper - I am a paper fiend!  

She asked us a few questions about our wedding colors and style, and sat us down with some large invitation books.  She got us settled at a table, told us to page through and mark anything we liked with a post-it.

Anything we both liked, we marked.  Not surprisingly, after having already gone through two rounds of sample invites, we both have a sense of what we like and dislike.  We went through three books pretty fast, and the saleswoman started pricing out what we had marked.  We learned again what the terms engraving, letterpress, and thermography meant; and more importantly, what they meant to the bottom line - the price!

I have to give the Paper Source big kudos, because all throughout this process there was absolutely no pressure to order or buy.  We were given all the time and space we needed to discuss prices and make up our mind - complete with the option to think about things and come back.  We eventually ended up going back and forth between two designs - one design was similar to a lot of the samples we had previously ordered, and another design was totally different and unlike anything else we had seen.


So what did we pick? As I already alluded to, we went with something totally different from what we had been considering.  We already received our proof, and then we will receive the actual invites in about 3 weeks once we approve the proof.  I'll have to decide if I will reveal the invites to you all, before I send them out!

Also, I do have to say that while it was nerve-wracking to decide on the invitation language on the spot, I think we saved ourselves a lot of time by just going with similar language to the samples we had in front of us.  Otherwise I think I could nit-pick the language for weeks!! Of course, I gave my Proofing Committee (made up of family members) the option to change whatever language they hated - we'll consider their input!

All in all, I was very happy with our invitation experience.  Customer service? Top-notch! Quality of invites? Excellent! Price? Ok, I will confess - we blew our budget big-time on our invites!! But considering how much we both liked this invite, and the fact that we've come in under budget in other areas (flowers, DJ, my dress); all of that left us with extra money to put towards invites - so we went for it!

How did you do with selecting your invitations? Did you go the online route, or did you go to a store or have your invites designed for you? Do you love paper products as much as I do?  


  1. We had our invites custom designed for us. We poured through those books for hours and I searched online for hours and nothing was quite what we wanted or in our colors. There was always something that just wasn't right. So we went with designing them ourselves and it worked out perfectly! I can't wait to see what you picked out! I am glad to hear that your invitation process wasn't super stressful because it definitely can be!

  2. LOL I LOVED the Hills!! Great tie-in :)

    We ended up going to an "invitation lady" who had the business out of her house, and we looked through a ton of books in our selection. I just wanted something that was already made up that we could just plug in our information..invitations stressed. me. out. beyond belief!!

  3. WOW Well I am happy you found the right ones! I admired all your research and samples you got. I started searching one day...then the Mr. told me about some invitation ladies that make them handmade..currently they are designing a few samples for us. I think if I were to look online...I would have found tooo many....haha and had a hard time picking

  4. I love that all three of you went with something a little different, from custom designed to the invitation lady! I think we lucked out that we found something in a book that we both went, "ooh, look at that one!" Before that point, the Groom had said something about designing them ourselves and I just about lost it. We are not graphic designers or all that creative, and the amount of stress that would have entailed? No thank you!! :)